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January 8, 1037 August 24, 1101

Su Shi (Su Dong-Po) Poem


Translation in English by
Johnson K. Gao

Drinking wine over the West Lake,

When it was in the beginning a fine day,
But, then it turned into rain

Su Shi
January 8, 1037 August 24, 1101

The reflection of waves is
Shiner on a fine day.
The fuzzy color of hills looks
Wonderful in the rain.
Should you want to compare the West Lake
With Shee Srih (Xi Shi a beauty),
It always appeared to be elegant
Either she had makeup heavily
Or, only smeared lightly.

The following words were copied from an e-mail of Nov. 29,

2015, which was sent by a music teacher - Mr. Lou. His
remarks may be helpful to those future singers of this song.
Johnson Gao
2015 11 29