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Ekrem Hamid Cetinkaya

634 River Bend ct. apt# 103 Newport News VA 23602.

Cell: (571) 354-3123 ekrem.cetinkaya.13@cnu.edu

Christopher Newport University

Expected May 2017

B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology & Minor in Chemistry & Leadership Studies
President Leadership Program Selective minor scholarship program

GPA: 3.6

Leadership Activities
Rumi Intercultural Dialogue Club at CNU
September 2014 - present
Created and president of the club.
Newport News, VA
Organized and held seminars with the Rumi Forum on social and political issues.
Invited and hosted famous Turkish Singer Ertugrul Erkisi for a concert at CNU
Raised awareness to CNU community about Social and Humanitarian issues such as necessity of cataract
surgeries in Africa and held fundraisers to raise money.
Organized and led the annual Civic Movement and Dialogue Conference for two consecutive years.

American Turkish Friendship Association (ATFA)

October 2008 - present

Fairfax, VA

Organized and implemented Friendship and Dialogue dinners between American and Turkish
people and helped create a viable environment between two different cultures.
Organized public dinners during the holy month of Ramadan both for the Turkish and American
public to attend and better understand each other.
Taught kids aged 7-15 Turkish language and history along with Ethics, Honor, and Integrity.
Supervised and led several camps and programs for kids, creating a viable environment for kids
to learn and grow.
Led and renovated the Weekend School program in Hampton Roads area to help kids learn their
identity and culture better.
Organized and implemented dialogue and friendship programs with Churches and local Hampton

Rumi Forum

June 2008 - present

Washington DC.

Help Construct interfaith dialogue between Islam and other religions. Assist introducing Islam to
a post 9/11 America, and prove that Islam is not a religion of violence.
Developed & implemented Luncheons with many professors and politicians on varying subjects
such as: Religion in 21 century, Peacebuilding, Government policies, and Economic issues.

Hosted Dialogue dinners with Virginia House of Delegates and Representatives.

Medical and Leadership Summer Intern

Fatih University Hospital

May 2014 - August 2014

Istanbul, Turkey

Earned valuable medical insight in many areas including Radiology, Cardiology, and Orthopedics
Shadowed and assisted in procedures and operations.
Attended seminars on medical procedures and issues of current medical society.
Facilitated leadership within group projects and created strong bonds with peers and doctors.

Summer Student Leadership and development Camp Director

American Turkish Friendship Association

May 2013 - July 2013

Yalova, Turkey

Took a group of highly intelligent middle and high school students to Turkey for a 40 day intensive leadership and
development program. Fostered critical thinking among students. Arranged seminars at Suleyman Sah University on
Turkish politics and Economy. Arranged and supervised a tour of Turkey in order to provide cultural immersion and

Turkic American Alliance (TAA)

September 2010 - May 2013

Washington DC

Met with politicians and discussed Turkish relations with America.

Planned and organized seminars and luncheons with ambassadors of different nations
Planned and volunteered at annual business summits.

Honors Received

President of Rumi Intercultural Dialogue Club

Recognized as ATFA Hampton Roads Education coordinator
Studying in President Leadership Program
Deans list (every semester)

Fluent in English and Turkish. Mildly fluent in Arabic.