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Addition with M&Ms

Grade: Kindergarten
Author: Bailey Marcotte
Domain, cluster, standard:
Operations & Algebraic Thinking
Understand addition, and understand subtraction
- K.OAA.1= Represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental
images, drawings sounds, acting out situations, verbal explanations,
expressions, or equations.
- K.OAA.2= Solve addition and subtraction word problems, and add and
subtract within 10 by using objects or drawings to represent the problem.
The students will be able to use the manipulatives as a tool to correctly solve
three out of the four addition problems correctly.

20 packets fun sized M&Ms

x20 M&M Math worksheets
The M&M Counting Book by Barbara McGrath
X20 sheets of paper towels

Anticipatory Set:

I will put the bag of M&Ms on each of their desks. Do you all like
M&Ms? Well today we are going to be working on some addition
problems by using M&Ms to help us.

Teaching Procedures and Learning Activities:


I am going to warm us up by reading this counting book.

After the book we will move to the first sheet I pass out that has,
Estimation on the first line.
Before the students open up their M&Ms I will ask the students, Do
you know what estimation is?

I will tell them, Estimation means you are guessing how many M&Ms
you think you have.
The students will then fill in the estimation blank. They will then open
up their M&Ms, count the M&Ms and put the number in the blank.
I will then go to the two addition problems that are on the sheet and
demonstrate with my M&Ms on the board, having the students help
me. Modeling what the student will be doing on the next sheet.
After I have modeled the first sheet, the students will each get their
own paper to work on.


What did you learn by working with the M&Ms today?

At the end of the lesson I will tell the students that they learned what
estimation is and practiced their addition facts.

Independent practice:

The students will work on their individual M&M sheet.

They will sort their M&Ms into Colors first
Then they will work on the addition problems that are on their sheet
using their M&Ms as manipulatives.
The students who finish early can practice and make up their own
addition problems and write them on the back.

Assessment or Evaluation:

I will walk around the classroom while students are working on their
sheets. When I notice most students are finished with their problems, I
will call two/three students to come to the board and tell the class an
addition problem they did with their M&Ms. For example: I had four
blue M&Ms then I added two green M&Ms and got six total.

Standards for Mathematical practice:

1. Model with mathematics
2. Use appropriate tools strategically
3. Look for and make use of structure