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Xues Class News

November 2015

10 healthy lifestyles
tips for children
1. Food is Fun Enjoy your
2. Breakfast is a very
important meal

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Children obesity is a public healthy
epidemic and 22 million children under the
age of five are affected. Several factors are
proven to be correlated with childhood
obesity such as Americas restaurant
portions, availability of ready to eat food in
grocery stores, fast food restaurant, and
time spent in front of a screen. Every
parental factors can contribute to childhood
obesity, including one or both parents being
overweight, low income and rural families,
mothers not completing high school, and the
amount of sleep the child gets each night
(Slusser, 2011)
The results of this study revealed
significant scale variations by age, gender,
education, and household income. The scale
variations highlighted the importance of
socio-economic and demographic factors on
the difficulty of healthy eating. This study
finding can help reduce that gap between
dietary recommendations and consumer
dietary behavior. If the participates were
willing to receive education, it would be
feasible to reduce the gap. Therefore,
healthy lifestyle is also related to your
family background, but in my opinion, it is
still decided by yourself.

3. Eat different foods

every day, variety is the
recipe for health
4. Which group would you
tip for the top? Base
your food on
5. Give me five! Eat fruits
and vegetables with
each meal and as tasty
6. Fat facts. Too much fat
is not good for your
7. Snack attack! Eat
regularly and choose a
variety of snacks
8. Quench your thirst.
Drink plenty of liquids
9. Care for those teeth!
Brush your teeth at
least twice a day

10.Get moving! Be active

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