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Jimmy Macdonald

Intro to Teaching
Mrs. Pate

Biases are so common in our society but most are not even prevalent. There
obvious ones you will see on TV such as racism. Youll see them in states and they can
start riots or even big time changes. But biases are so common that they can be
missed. When youre watching TV, the channel you choose has an effect on the bias
you here. Fox News will be a more of a republican side of views compared to NBC
news which leans more towards a democratic view. Then there are silly biases like what
to order when you are out to eat. Maybe you had a hamburger somewhere and didnt
like it so know you will not try it again. With Biases big and small its always something
to think about what are my biases.
Its always good to challenge yourself especially challenge your own views. So I
did this exact thing. The bias test I took actually showed something I didnt think. For the
racism test I took I scored a bias of slightly automatic preference for European American
over African American. I was a shocked at first and I guess I always thought I was pretty
neutral when it came to race. But what was even more shocking was the fact that 48%
had a strong preference towards white people. While I was in the 12% and the neutral/
no bias was in the 12% as well I found it odd that so many people were that racist. But I
just figured maybe it is some sort of blind bias. So I ended up taking the second test
based on gender preference. This one was less appalling for me but just the same for
the rest of the test takers. I scored a neutral no bias toward men nor women while 40%
of test takers were super biased toward men over women. It is crazy how I look back at
my past and see how I was raised and how I turned out now is insane.

Jimmy Macdonald
Intro to Teaching
Mrs. Pate

I was born into a middleclass white family in 1996 and as you know I am Male. I
say middleclass but it was more upper lower-class to be honest. My whole life I feel like
money has been a struggle but we always had enough to survive and occasionally
enjoy. But my parent both work blue collar jobs that are hard labor so I know how they
dedicate all their energy for us (me and my siblings). Maybe because of our economic
state I never felt like an over privileged kid, especially as my race would lead some to
believe. Either way my family is very Christian and I still follow my faith as a Christian. I
like to believe it gives me something to believe in when I am down on luck and things
are just not going my way. I went to a school in a town which is predominantly white but
we got a lot of black students from other towns to join us. Thats why I loved Glenbard
East it was a very cultural place. It helped me become friend with kids I probably
wouldve disliked if I went to a school like Montini. My development on the physical side
has been pretty normal compared to others. Same goes for my social and emotional
side. But for students that I grew up with it was very difficult. I have a few friends who
are pretty short and they would always say they wish they were my height. I never
thought about it but, I being 60 tall was kind of a blessing in the fact that I was more
socially accepted. That is sad that height or weight play a big part in a students life.
That can also affect their social/emotional side. Being bullied over your weight or height
is a sad but common things among schools. This hurts the psyche of a student and can
make them literally hate life. So as a teacher you might need to identify this early so you
can help him/her. If not it could snowball into something much worse in the future.
I learned a lot of what I know today from my family and the environment around
me. I want to say that my surroundings have molded me more than school. Growing up

Jimmy Macdonald
Intro to Teaching
Mrs. Pate

in a family of 5 brothers and sisters, all older than me, life basically revolved around
them. Both brothers played sports so baseball has been second nature to me. As most
student who plays sports their cognitive learning will enhance from all the knowledge
they gain. As a teacher it is also good to know the type of kids in class for this exact
reason. I they at practice all day learning new plays and figuring stuff out you need to
work with them so they dont fall behind in class. Playing baseball in high school and
now college I see a lot of kids slip in grades. So from my past experiences I can find
ways to help kids in the class room who play sports or even if they are in any other
extracurricular activity. I might want to tell him hey I dont want to tell coach but youre
slipping on your grades, is everything okay? Simple advice like that can go a long way
when its a kid in need.
Thats what teaching is. It is taking your past failures and successes and trying to
mold the students around those. As Ben Franklin said: An investment in knowledge pay
the best interest. If I or any other future teacher can get all their students to invest in
the good knowledge we all have, not the biases that are bad, then wouldnt kids be the
real future. Knowing a kids background whether its social, or physical, or something
they cannot control such as gender/race is something every teacher should be able to
accompany for. When I become a teacher I want to build relationships with the students
that will help them in their daily lives just like my teachers, family, and environment have
taught me.