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Developed Utilizing the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric

Teacher Candidate's Name: Morgan Lilley Observer: Laine Preston

Date: 11/12/15
KEY: Y = Yes

S = to some extent

Centering Instruction on High

Expectations for Student Achievement
Utilized well written lesson plan to guide

Connects standards, broader purpose and

transferable skills
Connection was made to previous and future
lesson and learning.

Communicated the learning target(s) through

verbal and visual strategies
Made success criteria and performance task
clear to students


Morgan made reference to the learning target

at the beginning of the lesson.


Managed student behavior.

Checked in with all students frequently

(student status).

Morgan had a great presentation to teach the

vocabulary to the students. In this way they
were able to visualize the vocabulary words
as they were being taught. In the webquest
activity, the websites being used could have
been demonstrated a little more clearly.

Curriculum and Pedagogy



Morgan did a great job making frequent

connections to past lessons and to personal
experiences. She did a great job waiting on
students and asking them to volunteer
answers and to make educated guesses
based on past lessons and cognates.



Suggestion: Morgan studied abroad and I

assume travelled in France. When talking
about travel in France it is always interesting
to reference personal experiences. This could
get your students interested in the possibility
of travel and study abroad and would allow
them to see an authentic way in which the
language could be used.
Great Prezi

Arrangement of classroom encourages

discussion, collaboration and accountability.
Norms for learning were set up.

N/O = Not observed

Very detailed. Inquiry questions seem very

broad and could be narrowed to the scope of
the specific lesson being taught.

Accessed and used materials effectively.

Students were motivated to want to participate

and brought to presence in the class?
Content was accurate and effectively
Showed knowledge of content.

Classroom Environment and Culture

Used learning time effectively.

N = No



Students seemed engaged and interested

throughout Morgans presentation and were
excited to find out that she would be teaching
that day. To me this demonstrates at what
level they feel comfortable with Morgan and
the fact that she has really tried to build
relationships with them.

Showed pedagogical content knowledge by

utilizing a variety of teaching strategies and
methods that differentiate for individual
learning needs.

Again, the use of the various websites could
have been demonstrated a little more clearly.

Demonstrating Effective Teaching

Expected, supported and provided the
opportunity for participation and meaning
Utilized quality questioning techniques.



Morgan did a great job responding to

individual students. When she realized that
the same questions were being asked
repeatedly, she made a point to bring the
discussion back to the whole class and to
respond and clarify.

Assessment of Student Learning


The teacher well prepared, organized and


The teacher is friendly and professional.

The teacher is confident and utilized a positive

tone of voice and good eye contact.

Todays lesson was very much a cultural
activity that asked students to use technology
to explore a different francophone country.
As such, students learning and knowledge
isnt easily assessed unless using extension
activities in further lessons.
The ticket-out-the-door closure activity would
have been a good wrap-up activity but it was
not done because of a lack of time.

Professional Collaboration and



Morgan did a good job discussing the

activities and tasks in the lesson but could
have done a better job modeling in front of the
Instead of telling students Respond to the
questions, go over each question individual
and model a response or sentence starter so
that they know what is expected of them.

Learning was modeled with gradual release of

student responsibility.
Provided adequate directions and practice
related to the learning.
Expectations and strategies were used to
engage all students in work of high cognitive

Students are asked to assess their own

learning in relation to success criteria.
Assessment tasks are aligned with the
learning targets.
A variety of assessment strategies for
formative assessment were utilized.


Morgan did an excellent job with the lesson.
She is professional, has already developed
relationships with many of the students and
was constantly circling the room, stopping to
monitor student progress.

Additional comments:
I think Morgan will make an outstanding teacher. She is warm and relatable and seems to have a strong knowledge of
the content matter. We will miss her next semester.

Student Teacher