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Reverse Outline - WP1 Revised


Initial Submission

Final, Revised Submission


Each of these news

outlets offer information on
the subject in an unbiased
article; while holding the
same general conventions
and rhetoric, these articles
also differ a little in style
and information

Each outlet covers the story in an

unbiased piece while utilizing the same
general rhetoric and conventions to
construct the article; yet their style of
writing and information slightly differ
from one another


The first articles rhetorical

features, style of writing,
use of evidence, and the
physical conventions of
the article

All three articles tone, context, length,

and how they make them part of their


The second articles

All three articles style and how they
rhetorical features, style of differ, yet still have the same general
writing, use of evidence,
and the physical
conventions of the article


Surface level features

exhibited in the articles,
and their

Use of evidence in the articles, and its

purpose in the article in regards to the
reader and genres


Surface level features

exhibited in the articles,
and their

The conventions of the three pieces in

regards to their physical aspects that
make them news articles


Why genre is important

and beneficial to

The surface level features they have in

common, the type of thinking they
used, and the similarities/dissimilarities


Why genre is important to learn and its

potential benefits to everyone


Summarization of my argument/point I

made, pieces from the same genre can

belong to the same genre, slightly
differ, and still accomplish the same

When I was revising my original WP1 I made two major changes, one being structural
and one being contextual. In regards to the structure of it, I took Zacks advice and changed the
format from Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, to Idea 1, Idea 2, Idea 3. This made my argument a
lot clearer and easy to understand, and shortened the paragraphs so they werent too much to
take on at once. I think this was an effective choice, the ideas come across better and the paper
transitions more smoothly. For the contextual changes, I condensed my ideas down and tried to
incorporate more of my own voice. I tried to minimize the quotations after every idea I
presented, and build upon the evidence I already had. Finally, I think the changes I made in my
WP1 were effective and made my paper that of a better quality.