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Zane Dennison

(Experienced Professional)
7497 Siena Vista Lane #J207
Midvale UT, 84047
(801) 673-9475


To use my unique interpersonal talents and firm determination to help better the

To help boost customer service expectations by going above and beyond for
those around me.

To communicate effectively, thus making the company/customer team altogether

more successful.

To use my positive attitude to reassure a customer during times of need, and

pacify a customer when they are upset.

Build my knowledge and skill set in all aspects of the business field with an emphasis on
customer service, communication, problem solving, prioritizing, accountablility and

Positive Work Environment

Room for Job growth

Orderly Reviews of performance and pay

$10/hr or Equal Salary/Bonus

Full Time Employment

Competitive atmosphere

Incentives for growth/success


Management experience in the workplace and in private life.

Friendly and well mannered attitude in the workplace.

Confident with any customer service position.

Customer service experience

2 + year Call Center experience

Phone management experience

Sensitive information experience

Extensive computer skills (Microsoft Office/ DebtTrak/Pay


Quick learner/minimal training required

Flexible in hectic situations

Able to avoid confrontation and solve problems proficiently.

Confident communicator on the phone and in person.

Able to effectively up sell without appearing pushy.

Punctual and reliable

Strong Attendence

RED MANGO Store Manager: Two Locations (1300 E. Ft. Union & 1500 E. 2100S.)

Made Nightly deposits and daily communications with bank employees.

Handled customer service questions and concerns for two separate locations.
Daily interacted with customers.
Made schedules for other employees at two separate locations.
Made telephone orders for inventory daily.
Organized and held monthly meeting for employees.
Rewarded employees.
Trained new employees.
Pay: Starting. $7.25
Ending. $10/hr
Reason For Leaving: Lack of advancement.
PROGREXION MARKETING Sales/Paralegal (3240 Decker Lake Dr. West Valley City)
10/12- 09/13

Phone Sales
Customer Service
Online Walkthroughs
Handling Sensitive Info
Train New Employees

Transfer/Manage Calls
Pull Credit Reports
Communicate Services to Clients

Pay: Starting/Training: $10.00/hr

Ending: $8.00/hr + Commission ($15.00/hr Average)
Reason For Leaving: Was laid off (Had a baby & could no longer work full-time during
that month & was subsequently let go) however maintained a good relationship & was
referred to other jobs by management
CREDIT CORP SOLUTIONS INC Collections/Customer Service (180 West Election

Road, Suite 200. Draper UT, 84020) 10/14/13 09/15/14


Account management

Collecting personal information

Sourcing Funds

Problem Solving

Sending Letters

Billing Systems

Scheduling Payments

Offering suggestions

Conflict resolution

Team management

Inbound Calls

Outbound Calls

Transferring Calls

Skip Tracing

Ledger Management

Self Evaluations

Training Participant

Remote Access to Computer Systems

Merchandise Sales

Pay: Starting: $13/hr

Ending: $13.50/hr Plus Overtime(HRx1 )
Plus BONUS Commission: $1000 (Goal Based)
Reason for Leaving: I was terminated due to my skills being better suited to
customer service then the aggressive environment of collections. Despite this, I
withheld a high standard of attendance and compliance throughout employment.
Management was sorry to let me go, but felt it was the best for both parties
moving forward.

MUSICIANS FRIEND Sales/Customer Service (180 West Election Road, Suite

100. Draper UT, 84020) 10/17/14 Current

Customer service
Inbound/Outbound calls
Product knowledge training
Bulk Sales

Institutions Sales
Remote computer access
Peer to peer management
Pay: Starting: $13/hr

Pay: Starting: $11/hr

Current: $11/hr
Reason for Leaving: Im only getting part time hours and there are no current full
time positions. Part time is not enough to take care of my family and having no
benefits has been a strain on us medically. I have two kids so its vital that I am
making enough to support them.

High School Diploma (Jordan High)

Food Handlers Permit
Leadership Training Course
D.A.R.E. Graduate