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Finding Happiness and The

Good Life.
Words by Jon Bellion

Presentation by: Kevin Blanco

Referenced reading:
Why The Americans Show Themselves so Restive in The Midst of Their WellBeing. By: Alexis de Tocqueville. Pages (973-975)

Happiness and the Good Life

Jonathan Bellion, born December 26, 1990

American singer, songwriter, producer and
Three mixtapes: Translations Through
Speakers, The Separation, The Definition
Won a 2015 Grammy Award for Best
Rap/Sung Collaboration for writing the
chorus to The Monster by Eminem ft.

Jon Bellion

Quote on page 973, In the United States, a man carefully builds a dwelling in which to pass his declining years, and he
sells it while the roof is being laid; he plants a garden and he rents it out just as he was going to taste its fruits . . .

Quote from the song Ungrateful Eyes, All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop to watch
them shine

Quote on page 974, Death finally comes, and it stops him before he has grown weary of his useless pursuit of a
complete felicity that always flees from him.

Quote on page 974, The taste for material enjoyments must be considered as the first source of this secret restiveness of
Americans and of the inconstancy of which they give daily examples.

Quote from the song Human, If my locations never unknown Then tell me why I still feel lost

The key to a happy life and a good life is to grateful for the situation youre
already in, and take the path life lays for you.

Happiness and the Good Life