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CIS 110 Informative Speech Outline

Fall 2015

Name: Jen Robinson

Section: 050

Title of Speech: Gender Pay gap


Attention Catcher: According to the American Association of University Women, in 2014,

women working full time in the United States were paid 79 percent of what men were
paid, a gap of 21 percent.


Listener Relevance Link: Its important that the gender pay gap becomes equal because this
effects all women around the world. This is a problem that not only effects women, but
also men because these women could be their wives, mothers, daughters, or sisters. Most
women are in the work force trying to support themselves or a family, but it is harder for
these women to help support when they arent making as much money as men. When
and if the pay gap becomes equal, then women will be just as financially supporting as


Speaker Credibility: I have studied this gender pay gap by researching academic articles.


Thesis Statement: Women have come quite a long way through the years in the work force
and it is now time to close the gender pay gap once and for all to make men and women
equal individuals in the work force.


Preview: In this speech I will talk about how previously, women were not able to work up
until todays problem; how there is still a pay gap and women are not getting payed as
equal as men, and how women are not considered equal to men in the workforce.



I. There have been a lot of improvements with women in the work force from the past up until
A. From the 1920s to the 1940s women decided to join to workforce and make a living.
1. During this time period, 21% of women started to work. A majority of these
women had occupations such as domestic and personal service, clerical occupations,
and factory work.
2. Women continued working in factories for 20 more years into the 40s where the
Womens Bureau wanted womens employment in war industries such as aircraft
production, the manufacture of small-arms and artillery ammunition, shipyards, army
supply depots, and wartime modifications of state labor laws for women.
B. From the 1960s to the 1990s, women were becoming more interested in getting a higher
education and a better job.

CIS 110 Informative Speech Outline

Fall 2015
1. In the 1960s more and more women were getting a college education and starting
to get jobs in the work force that men used to do by themselves, it was in the 60s that
the gender pay gap was first brought up, but not much attention was brought to it.
2. As time went on, women were now balancing having a family and working. It was
in the 90s that the pay gap was brought up yet again because it was getting harder for
women to support a family by themselves, or just off their husbands money.
Transition Statement: A lot has changed since the past with women in the work force, but there is
still more work to be done until we are equal with men.

In todays society, women are not considered as hard working in the work force as men are.
A. Its becoming harder for women to get the same respect that a man would get.
1. Janet Yellen, one of the most powerful economists in the world, was told by Ralph
Nadar that she should start to get help from her husband, when her husband had even
admitted to not being as good as an economist as his wife.
2. According to New York Times, a family man named Carl Richards has become
worried for his daughter finding a job after college because he found that his single
female friend did not receive a job even though she had more experience in the
area than the man because he had a family to support.
B. Women are no longer keeping quiet about the gap or difficulties in the work place,
women with more powerful voices are beginning to speak up.
1. Famous actress Jennifer Lawrence opened up after the Sony hack when she
realized she was being payed millions less than her male co-stars and someone that
works for her, she brought up the idea that most men are spoiled and bratty about
their pay, but women arent allowed to be and its time that they should.
2. Kate Winslet recently spoke about how talking about how much she earns,
makes her a little uncomfortable, but if she doesnt talk about it at all then the
problem will not be fixed.


Thesis restatement: Women have come quite a long way through the years in the work force
and it is now time to close the gender pay gap once and for all to make men and women
equal individuals in the work force.


Main point summary: The gender pay gap affects woman, and men, all over the world.


Clincher: If we dont start to work on the pay gap now, it could be over 100 years until all 50
states are equal pay.


CIS 110 Informative Speech Outline

Fall 2015
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