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Ishaan Awashti was an 8 year old who tended to be alone while creating his own world by the aid of

his own imaginative concept. He was a truant child, in a simple sense, hated schooling which
consequently making him to get a very low academic performance. He failed because he always in a
daydreaming while there was a class. He always got failure grade during his examination which was
the reason why he always skip classes and wander outside the school where his feet want him to

His life was never easy. His emotional plight does not only end at school. At home, his harsh and
strict father, Nandkishore Awashti, was always scolding him because of his performance, not
knowing that his child has unrecognized dyslexia which is very desperate at his age. Yohaan, his
brother, excels in academic performance and also in sports. While his brother possesses a superior
talent in any field, Ishaan is differing from him. And this might be the cause why his father is
frustrated since Ishaan cannot run through with what his brother have.

Maya, Ishaans mother, despite of losing patience in reprimanding his child never lose of giving her
childs daily needs. But this had ended after the decision that also squeezed my heart when Ishaan
left their home.

Having dyslexia is very pathetic instance, especially if it is like in Ishaans case that it was
unrecognized. Your family hates you of how you behave, your academic performance is not good,
you are mocked because of your specialty, you are never given much attention because your talents
are covert by discrimination and nothing listens to you.

The letters are dancing, Ishaan said when his teacher told him to read the words that written on the
board, but instead of understanding his unrecognized condition, he was ridiculed. How many
teachers in the world had been like this to their students before? How many times? How much was
the effect of this to the students emotional growth? Yes, the teacher did not know what condition
Ishaan has, but it is his/her duty to formulate and investigate a theory why he has this condition. In
Facilitating Learning 1 subject that we have, formulating a theory why student behave is very much
important making teaching as an uneasy endeavor for the educators.

Ishaan was sent at a special school because he always repeats in grade level. There, he undergone
in special education services to correct his behavioral problem. Ishaan become much lonely, missing
his family who left him. He was far from his family, making me to reflect that what if I am in his
condition. Ishaans character depicted the real scenario that sometimes parents are losing
responsibility in modifying their childs special needs. Family is a minute form of community, says
your family should first help one of their members if there is a problem. But, I felt sad that Ishaans
father, and even his mother, had never allowed their child to explain what pains was inside him, what
obstructions is on him why he cannot be a child what his father want to be.

In the school offering special education, Ishaan met Ran Shankar Nikumbh, his art teacher. Thanks
to Mr. Nikumbh! The rail of Ishaans journey had been given answer after all. Nikumbh was able to
understand him and taught him to be strong.

Nikumbh discovered the clandestine talent of Ishaan. He realized that Ishaans case must be given
much attention to optimize his talents and skills. As I have remembered what Professor Penson had
told us before, there is nothing problem child, but the child might have just a problem. This is a
philosophy that the Every Child is Special proved. Furthermore, there is nothing time that a child
will become a problem in class, but instead the child should be assisted to escape his problem if
there is.

Nikumbh organized an art fair before the school year ended. He invited the parents and all of the
students of the school to join the fair, nothing are exempted. Even Nikumbh joined the fair on which
he won as runner-up in painting Ishaans portrait. Amazingly, Ishaan wins in the art fair in which his
entry depicts the alone child sitting in the river shore he beat his fathers art entry.

This movie is an eye-opener in order to wake the viewers to always listen before they judge; to make
them realize that God vested us a unique talent individually; and to make us to think, as a future
educator, before concluding if our children are bastard. Impaired, normal, abnormal or disable, we
are all equal in the face of God. He created us without mistakes and the vested knowledge that we
have should allow us to discover what unique talent we have.

Every Child is Special (Reflection

In this unpredictable world we may encounter different happenings that sometimes will make a
change in our life. Mostly, when we are just exploring this wonderful world we will be able to see the
things that are really worth living for. The movie Every Child is Special unlocks my imagining on how
to treat every child in this human race. It actually releases the sense of awareness that lies on my
being, the awareness of appreciating every deeds of a child whether its simple or wasteful. When I
was watching the scenes I honestly felt the pain that runs on Ishans eyes. Ive felt the emotion of
being alone and left behind, the feeling of not being heard by the most important people in your life.
Furthermore, the numbness of emptiness and sadness triggers my soul.
A story of a considerate teacher that assist a child to overcome what everybody thinks he cant is an
open outcome of the education system in some countries. A teacher who believed that facing the
reality and work on it to make it improved is always been better than running on the problem that
the people say, the problem of being different. A teacher who accept and understand the truth that as
well as he is everybody in this world is different and special in their very own ways but not wrong. A
film that embark upon the issue of an individuals own fondness that approaches in argument the
rest-of-the-worlds sensitivity and perception about what is best for everyone.
It is honest to believe that some laws that are written in the Philippine Constitution are much better
than other countries bylaw. Particularly in the part of childs right about childs abuse is very
respectful for me. That is why I wonder why the childrens educator in some countries allowed by the
government to give punishments to their learners. The curriculum stayed being a teacher centered
curriculum and the educator doesnt mind the childs interest. For me, it will still be better to have a
child-centered curriculum for the children to establish and found what he really wants to do.
The part when Ishans parents decided to send their son in a school where discipline is the most
important thing to follow is one of the heart wrecking part of the story. In fact, I am hoping that time
that the parents of Ishan had the time to study some parts on how special children be treated as
special ones. I am wishing that same time that how I wish the parents had a little background on how
certain possibility their son acquires the dyslexia or if ever any other disability. Hence, the father
didnt understand and as I know didnt want to accept the whole truth that his son is special he stick
on his decision to transfer Ishan on a disciplinary school. It is really too sad for the child to
experienced hard things at a young age. Though it is not really the disability that made schooling too
hard for Ishan the acceptance of the people around him made a big deal. I think when Ishan moved
he experienced culture shocked that made it too hard for her to accept and adjust in the new
environment. The feeling of being special from the other students and the feeling of being scolded by
his teacher are the culture shocked.
The point where the happiness arise from me while watching the movie is when the funny teacher
who disguise as a clown at the very first meeting with the kid came. I salute the way he explained to
Ishans family the reason why he doesnt recognize letters and yet Ishan find it hard to read was
really amazing. One of the things that made a big impact on me was when parents ignore what the
teacher tell them and didnt give any help for their son yet the teacher still holds on his faith that he
can lend a hand to aid not only the disability of Ishan but also the misery in the eyes and heart of the

little boy.
What I learned: To give care and to believe in a childs unique ability is the true meaning of love. To
allot time for a child to teach and support them are the important lessons that I gained because for
me that explains the best meaning of the movies title Every Child is Special.

Every child is special. Every child has his own personality. Every
child tries to endeavor and focus best in his life. Primarily, every
child has his own dreams. But the main factor to ponder is, for us to
understand his dreams. And the truth is, we lack stability, patience
and understanding as far as the child is concern.
The movie, Every Child Is Special, was about a certain child named
Ishaan Awasthi. Ishaan was a talented child; he can think outside
the box and paint with such passion and creativity. But he was not
understood by his teachers; he was only thought of as a
mischievous and a very naughty boy. He was often called an idiot,
duffer, lazy and crazy, even his parents didn't understand him.
They only thought that the boy was misbehaving because he did not
want to go to school. It is perhaps the structure and restrictions of
the normal expectations of the school system that rub him the
wrong way, because one day, after having been punished by being
sent by the teacher to stand in the hallway, he goes AWOL and
wanders the streets, savoring the exciting sights of tourist-film
India. He appears to be somewhat hyperactive. If his parents
attempted to have him tested, it may be that he never sat still long
enough to get a diagnosis. After finding out that Ishaan will be
kicked out of school after the school year, his parents decided to
send him to a boarding school where Ishaan suffered more from his
strict teachers. These incidents crushed Ishaans confidence in him
and he became depressed, very depressed. He did not speak to
anyone, not even to his mother or his brother. No one would even
try to help him because they did not try to understand him.
Luckily he met Ram Shankar Nikumbh, the temporary art teacher,
saw himself in Ishaan, he stayed persistent to help Ishaan in his
studies and his life. Through his unconventional teaching methods
and graceful presence, Ishaans attention was caught up. Ram did
everything to understand Ishaans problem in reading and writing,
he consulted Ishaans parents and told them that Ishaan has
dyslexia, wherein he finds it hard to recognize letters and numbers.
I love when he told Ishaans father that in the Solomon Islands,
villagers dont chop down a tree when they want to clear land, but
curse and hurl abuses at it, and the tree withers and dies soon

after. Ram helped Ishaan in every way, first he gave Ishaan a

confidence boost so that he will not be afraid to express himself,
and then, he also gave Ishaan lessons in writing, reading and in
math. Ram taught Ishaan using different methods; he made
learning fun by applying games to his lessons. Gradually, Ishaan
begun to improve in his studies, he has now little trouble in
reading, he can write properly and can solve math problems.
Teaching should not only be done in one way; we should use
different ways to teach our students because each and every one of
us has a unique and special talent. It is also good to understand the
needs of our students; let them be free free to imagine, free to
learn in their own special way. Listen to your students opinions and
learn from it.
Somehow the movie touched in an exceptional way and it broke my
heart seeing that the dear people that child thought would
understand him were the very ones who judged him and failed to
understand his problem. But I cannot really judge the parents
though, all they wanted was the best for their child that is why they
tried so hard to push him and discipline him at the same time. It
tugs the heartstrings and at the same time gives hope that having
dyslexia is not a desperate and in hopeless situation. To help the
students, family support, teachers patience and love is needed, so
with the interesting and enjoyable teaching and learning strategies
should be employed. The theory of multiple intelligence in
education plays an important role here and that can be a vessel in
informing the teachers and most importantly the parents for them
to assist their children. With time, patience and care, he ultimately
helps Ishaan find himself and the harsh father realized his childs
worth and needs.