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Day 2 - Tuesday, October 6th 2015

Planning and Preparation

Learning environment
Familiarise yourself with the location of the classroom environment
that you will be observing in
Draw a map of the indoor learning environment (see Table 2 at end of
this document for a sample)
Describe each area and write down possible reasons for creating these
areas (photographs as well, if possible)
Description of each area (and

e games area (rug, table with
two chairs, board that have
different numbers with shapes
and two tables of puzzles).

2. Reading area (rug, bookshelf

and long chair).

3. Art area (table with four chairs,

different colors, papers, roller
and cutter).

Possible reasons for setting this area


To trained with the precision

and focus while students play
the puzzles games.

Strengthening the mental

processes by playing numbers
and shapes games.

Through this area, students will

learn how to spell the letters, to
improve their reading skills.

Imagination development in
children. For example, imagine
the events of the story through
the pictures.

In this area, students will be

able to express their feelings
by drawing.

Develop their cognitive skills

and mental development.

4. Computer area
(table, sofa,
computer with a
mouse, keyboard and

To students play in the

educational programs, because
these days the students are
addicted to the computer so
they will evolve in their
education quickly.

Mental skills development. For

instance, motivate students to
explore important topics
related to their studies.

5. Block area (rug, tables of cubes

and wooden cubes).

- Promote students
participation and cooperation
with their friends.
- Interaction between
students. To help each other in
building what in their

6. Research area (table with two

chairs, mirror, magnifying glass
and bell).

Attempt discovery by dealing

with things, events and

Learn self-reflection. For

example, Students arrive at the
particular result by themselves
through their discoveries.

1 Were the materials, resources and equipment well prepared by

the teacher? Why do you think so?
Near to the teacher and she was well prepared, to not waste time.

2 Did the topic of the lesson and learning activities, together

with the structure of the lesson, appear to maintain students
interest and motivation? How do you know this?
Learning activities was well arranged and appropriate for the students
because the students were interacting with the teacher.

3 Is there anything you observed that you would/would not do in

your planning and preparation as a teacher?
I will do new activities every day for the students. Moreover, I will not
insist on them to do things that they do not like it.