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Student Teaching edTPA Indirect Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Ashton Prillaman
Central Focus: Adding two dice together.
Common Core/Essential Standard Objective:
K.CC.4b Understand that the last number name said
tells the number of objects counted. The number of
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Date taught:
objects is the same regardless of their arrangement
or the order in which they were counted.
Daily Lesson Objective:
Students will know that when you count all of the objects in a group that the last number that is said is how many object
there are. Students will independently add two dice together.
21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem
Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
Prior Knowledge: Students know how to know when they roll one dice what that equals.


1. Engage

2. Explore

3. Explain

Description of Activities and Setting

I will have two dice and some counters in front of me. I will not hand the
students their counters and dice quite yet, so that they are paying attention and
engaging in the activity. One of the dice will be 1-6 and the other dice will be
0-3. I will roll the 0-3 dice first. Lets say I roll a 2; I will get two counters
and put them together. I will then roll the 1-6 dice. Lets say I roll a 6. I will
get 6 counters and place them beside the other two counters from the other
dice. I will have the students count with me while pointing at the counters. 1,
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. We do not have any more counters to count. What was the
last number we said? Yes, 8. We have 8 counters total. Between the 2 we
rolled and the 6 we rolled, we have a total of 8.
How many dots are on the first dice rolled? How many dots are on the
second dice? (CFU)
I will give the students a half sheet of paper with three problems on it. There
will be problems that have two dice being added together. The first dice will
have the dots between 0-3 and the other dice will have dots between 1-6. The
students will be using their counters to help them find the answer. I will be
going around asking them questions about the problems to make sure that they
understand it. (The students can work together to help each other find the
How many counters do you have total? How many counters did you use
for the first dice on the paper? (CFU
I will explain to the students what we are doing when we take two dice and
make counters for each and then add them together. When we have the one
dice it tells us the total that we have, but when we have two dice you have to
combine them to find the total. We have 2 on the first problem on your
worksheet. On the second dice we have 3. When we make our counters, we
can see that we need to add them to find the final total. If you want to, you
can put all of the counters together. (Put the counters together.) Now lets
count our counters to find the answer for the two dice. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. We do not
have any more counters to count. What was the last number we said? Yes, the

5 minutes

5 minutes


last number is 5. Therefore, our total is five. Great job!

4. Elaborate

5. Evaluate
Assessment Methods of
all objectives/skills
6. Assessment Results of
all objectives/skills

I will give the students a worksheet that will have a few more questions on it
to see if they understand the concept of adding the two dice together. I want
them to work on this individually. I want to make sure that they are using
their counters to help them find their answers. I will be going around the
classroom asking different students different questions to check for
For the child to understand the objective, they will need to get the correct
answer and work shown. On two of the problem, they will need to draw an
object to represent the number on each dice.
8 Points Total:
6 points: correct answer
2 points: work shown
The students will have to get 80% or better to understand the objective.

5 minutes

Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations

I will have a checklist prepared for a student
who has ADD/ADHD, so that the child can see
what they need to do to complete the

Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations

I will ask the student who is struggling a few more
questions and might go further in depth for them.
I will definitely make sure that they are showing me
the counters for each of the problems in the explore
Materials/Technology: Counters, Dice (Both 0-3 and 1-6), Worksheets.
Reflection on lesson:

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