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Informative Speech Outline

Name: Marcus E. Bates II

Purpose: The purpose of my speech is to inform
Specific Purpose: I would like inform my classmates on Steve Jobs
Organizational Pattern: Topical Patterns


A. Attention Getter
I will walk in dressed similar to Steve Jobs and throw something on the
floor to gain my audiences attention.
B. Credibility Statement
I will inform the Audience on how much research I have done on the topic
and list some sources.
I am credible because I myself am a huge fan of Steve Jobs and have
done plenty of research of him and have even used his products.
C. Relevance
I will inform the Audience of the relevance of being inform on Steve Jobs
by telling them of what Steve did for us in a very broad summary and even
relate it to them by asking who all uses IPhones, IPods, etc.
How many of you have something made by Apple?
D. Preview
I will tell them of the topics of the bodies that I would like to cover during
my speech. After informing them of the topics I will say The future of
that Steve Jobs has created for us is sown in his past and that is where we
must first Visit.
Today I will be talking to you about Education and the beginning of
Apple, Early Life and Family, and The reinvention of Apple.


A. Education and Beginning of Apple
1. College
Steve Jobs attended Reed College.
He dropped after 6 months.
Backpacked through India for 18 months.

2. Beginning of Apple
Attended to a creative technology class.
He met Steve Wozniak.
Sold 50 Apple 1s to a library.
Begins producing the Apple 2.

Transition: Steve Jobs had much success during his time at Apple, but the story many dont
know is the story of his personal life.

B. Early life and Family

1. Early life
John Jandali and Joanne Schieble.
Adoptive parents, Paul and Clara Jobs.
2. Family
Steve Jobs girlfriend,chrisann Brennan
Steve Jobs's daughter, Lisa Jobs
Steve Jobs wife, Laura Powell.
Reed, Eve, and Erin

Transition: Steve Jobs may have had many personal issues, but he also had issues with Apple.

C. Reinventing Apple
1. Saving Apple
Steve jobs gets fired from Apple.
Steve jobs create NeXt
Steve jobs saved Apple.
2. New Apple and Steves death
The new and improved Apple
October 5th, 2011.

Apple after Steve Jobs.

Transition: Steve Jobs may be gone, but his legacy will forever be remembered.

A. Summary
So now that you know.
B. Connect back to Audience
Look at yourself
C. Wow Statement