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Arriette Kasongo

Informative speech
Introduction: I dont know why the wrong information entered, but that
happens a lot. Thats why we try not to rely on the computer, but I couldnt
reach anyone else to get the information. By Maria miller.
A. Attention -Getter: question
B. Specific Purpose: am here to inform you a little bit about Africa
C. Thesis Statement: There are few questions I have been getting about Africa since
the first day I got here in the USA.
Preview of Main Points: Do you speak African? Do you swing on a tree? Do you
speak the clicking language? Do you talk to animal? Or have you ride and elephant?
A. Main Point: I picked a strawberry.
B. Any kind you want for cup
C. Any amount of sugar
D. I like cold water
E. Anything to stir with.
A. Preview of main points: a pack of Kool-Aid powder, cup, sugar, water, and a
B. So try it at home
C. Once you try it, with a very cold ..
D. Thank you.
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