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Lorena Wright

Composition I
Pamela Reed
Journal 2
Reporting information definitely differs from writing a book report
in that you have a wider range of tone and views than you would
writing a book report. Writing a regular report can be either formal or
informal and also have different genres. For example, blogging is a
type of informal reporting. It aims at an audience with a certain tone
for a specific genre. A book report however, cannot be informal. The
report is almost always formal and has a specific, almost always,
neutral tone. Learning about the differences in book reporting and
general reporting information, it helps one differentiate how you would
write in a college class room setting, compared to other settings such
as online or journalism. It also helps differentiate that when writing in a
college class setting, you write in a more reporting type of way,
which includes your directed audience, tone, and even genre. Where as
high school reporting is more book reporting. In both settings you
mostly have to be formal, but in high school, you must choose words
wisely and you must have a very specific tone and genre for an already
selected audience. When it comes to writing, one must develop
focusing and organization as a skill. If not, the whole thing becomes
jumbled and becomes an inconsistent mess.