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Teacher: Lauren Newman-Lipp

School: Preston Middle School

Content Area: English
Title: Far North RAFT

Date: 15 October 2015

Grade Level: 6th grade
Lesson #: 2 of 6

Content Standard(s) addressed by this lesson:

1.1 Successful group discussions require planning and participation by all.
2.1 Understanding the meaning within different types of literature depends on
properly analyzing literary components.
3.1 Writing literary genres for intended audiences and purposes requires ideas,
organization, and voice.
1. Students will reflect on a characters personality traits in order to write a
short piece from the perspective of a character (Gabe or Raymond) in the
novel, Far North.
Inquiry Questions:
1. How can different character traits and personalities be reflected in writing
when thinking about the role of the writer?
Evidence Outcomes:
Every student will be able to:
Given the first two chapters of the novel, Far North by Will Hobbs, 6th grade
English students will be able to write a short piece of writing from a specific
characters point of view with appropriate voice.
I can: Read chapter 2 of Far North in a group and write a creative piece from the
perspective of a character.
This means I can:
-work in a group to read a chapter of the novel
-use RAFT to organize my writing
-notice and use character traits I notice in the novel Far North to write a short
piece from either Gabe or Raymonds point of view
-share out my writing to my peers
List of Assessments:
1. RAFT graphic organizer
2. Short writing piece

Planned Lesson Activities

Name and
Purpose of

Approx. Time
and Materials


Far North RAFT

Students will use the first two chapters from the novel, Far
North by Will Hobbes to reflect on and notice differences
between character traits in order to use a RAFT organization
model and write a short piece from the perspective of either
Gabe or Raymond in the novel.
75 minutes
Far North by Will Hobbes, RAFT graphic organizer,
interactive notebook, writing utensil, laptops with access to
Google Drive.
Students will start all together in the middle of the room on
the floor to go over the agenda of the day, reminders, and
learning targets. Students will also receive insight into what
to focus on during their reading (characterization).
Catch and Release
After reading chapter 2 of Far North, catch attention on each
side of the room to model a RAFT on the SMART Board
and/or doc camera. (Not applicable to period 2)


1. Silent Sustained Reading. (10 minutes)

2. Launch. (10 minutes)
3. Students will return to their table groups, and teacher
will read chapter 2 of Far North aloud. (15 minutes)
1. Period 2 modification: Students will return to
their table groups, and read chapter 2 aloud in
groups with their CSU 340 teachers.
b. Catch and Release (Period 3 and 5 ONLY): On their
sides, teachers will model the task using a RAFT
organizer to write a short piece on the SMART
Board/Document camera. (10 minutes)
c. Pass out RAFT graphic organizer and have students
tape them into their interactive notebooks, and then
begin filling out their organizer/writing their short
piece. (25 minutes)
1. Perod 2: CSU 340 teachers will teach and/or
model using a RAFT to write from a characters
perspective once the group has finished
reading the chapter. CSU 340 teachers will

help support students during their writing

b. Closure. (5 minutes)


Students will share their writing in their small table groups.

Then, as a group, they will discuss the process of analyzing
characters to write from their point of view and voice.
RAFT Graphic Organizer: Students will use their
understanding of the text/characters to fill out the RAFT as a
plan for their writing.
RAFT Short Piece: Students will use their RAFT to write a
thoughtful piece that displays writing from the voice of a
specific character (Gabe or Raymond).

Role of the writer: (circle
Clint from the future
Other (please explain):

Clint in the present day


Warning himself not to go near the Nahanni

Dear (present day) Clint,

Bush pilots always say, I wish I knew where I was going to die, for I
would never go near the place. Well, weve been to many places, and we
have to travel all the time. So, that would be hard, eh? But beware, Clint! Do
not go near the Nahanni River anymore. Avoid it at all costs. I know its kind
of our job to probably go there at some point, but just dont. The hammer is
coming, and things are going to take a nasty turn for the worst. Do you want
to end up like those brothers? Clint, you like your head attached to your body.
I would know, Im you. So lets keep it there. Maybe you could even start
driving vans for a living instead! You sure had that kid on the edge of his seat
with your driving, eh?

Clint (from the future)
Graphic Organizer:
Role of the writer: (circle one)
Other (please explain):