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Presentation Assignment: Holistic Art Activity Planning Sheet for Core Subjects

Name: Ashley Leitschuh ARTT 3370

Art Activity Title: Whats Inside the Box?
Grade: 2nd grade
Core Subject: Language Arts
Concept: Predicting Outcomes
Learning Outcomes, Art Skills: Art
TEKS: Expression
(2) Creative Expression. The student
communicates ideas through original art
works, using a variety of media with
appropriate skills. The student is
expected to:
(2)(B) Create compositions using the
Elements of Art and the Principles of

They will be drawing, coloring,

and learning to cover a 3D object
in a tasteful way.

Learning Outcomes, Art Knowledge:

1-TEKS: Perception, Historical, or
Response; 2- Core Subject Concept
1- Language Arts TEKS:
3.A: Use ideas to make and
confirm predictions

They will learn how to use Unity

to unify their composition (the
decorated cereal box).

Motivating Question: (Challenges

student higher order thinking)
1. When we make predictions,
what kinds of things do we base
our predictions off of?
(Answer: 5 senses, prior
knowledge, etc.)
2. What clues led you to your
predictions about what was going
to happen in the story & what
was in your boxes?

Media: (Basic art material, i.e., paper

1. Construction Paper and Oil

2. Other materials needed: empty

cereal boxes, markers, glue and

Art Element: Texture

Principle of Design: Pattern and Unity (on boxes)

Instructional Procedures: (When will you do and how will students proceed)
1. Students will gather around the reading area. Explain that today we will be learning
about predicting outcomes. Explain that we use our 5 senses and previous knowledge
to make predictions. Read the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and pause after
every couple of pages to ask what they predict will happen next. Continue until the story
is over. Ask them what they based their prediction off of (prior knowledge, the pictures,
etc). Remind them that a mixture of all of different clues can help you predict outcomes.

2. Tell the students that they will be making an art project that has to do with predicting
outcomes. Pass out cereal boxes, construction paper, oil pastels, markers, scissors and
glue. Explain to the students that they will be decorating this box using the materials I
provided. Explain that they may decorate this box anyway theyd like, as long as it is
completely covered in construction paper, and there is a repeating pattern drawn onto it
and there is unity. (Teach them the Principle of Design PATTERN and UNITY here.

3. Once they are done decorating the boxes and they have added the Principle of
Design PATTERN and UNITY, they may come up and choose any item from the bucket
of items I will provide (small items that that I have collected from around the classroom
like pencils or erasers). Instruct them to keep them a secret from their neighbors until
they return to their desk and to put them into their boxes and close them.

4. They will switch boxes with their neighbors 3 times, so that they will have a box they
havent seen yet and dont know what is inside. I will pass out the worksheets. I will tell
the students that they will be using their senses as well as prior knowledge to predict
what item they think is in the decorated box theyre holding. As a class, we will open our
individual boxes and (without looking), reach in and FEEL the object. The students will
write what the object feels like in the box titled FEEL. They will shake the box to see
what the object sounds like (write their observations down in the HEAR box), smell the

object to see what it smells like (write their observation in the SMELL box) and write an
observation based off of prior knowledge. Once they have all 4 boxes filled out, they will
make their best prediction as to what the object in the box is, using the clues in the 4
boxes to guide them. They will write that in the middle circle.

5. Together we will open our boxes and see what items are actually in the box.
Resolution: (When is the activity or art product complete?)
The activity is complete after we review how using the predicting tools and observations
can help us to predict outcomes & they turn in a sticky note with an example of a time in
their lives when we can use these skills.
Assessment Methods of stated objectives: (How will you know if students achieved
your goals?)
I will know they achieved my goals for them if:
1. Their decorated cereal boxes show (1) PATTERN and (2) UNITY.
2. They can write an example in their life when they would use these skills to predict
an outcome.
3. They participate in class discussions.
Conclusions/Your Evaluation:(How can this activity be improved to enhance student
learning?) The students could get into groups and have them predict outcomes of
stories or movies.
Lesson Extensions or additional core integration:
GT Students = I can find them more challenging books that they can work through at
home. They can read a certain number of pages each night and in a journal, write what
they think is going to happen. As they read further each night, their predictions may
change based off of new context clues and their prior knowledge of the story.
Display or Exhibit of Artwork:
Their Guessing Boxes will be displayed on top of the cabinets in the classroom.