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Grade _____4_____

Activity _____Calendar Dates: Math________

Goals/Key questions
Goals: Students will learn to read and record dates in a variety of formats.
Objective (connected to PofS):
SLO 2. Read and record calendar dates in a variety of formats.

Pre lesson Considerations

Materials needed/pre-set up required/logistical considerations needed
(seating arrangement):
-Power point

-Mini whiteboards

-Calendar worksheet 10

What is the teacher doing?

7 mins

Have power point up on the board.

Hand out whiteboards and give students 30 seconds to doodle as
much as they can, then clear whiteboard and remind that they will
lose the board if they doodle for the rest of class.
Ask students to identify:
What calendar month is showing?
What day of the week is circled?
What year is it?
How would you write this information in words?
Ie. Friday, March 16, 2012
-Direct students to record their answers on their individual
-Tell students to discuss with their elbow partner how to write the
-Ask one student to share idea and go to answer slide.
-Explain that in a word sentence one must always write:

day-of-week, month date, year.

Activity 1
Time est:
15 mins

Move to the next slides

-Go through slides and ask for volunteers to tell answers, have
students share with elbow partners the answers they come up with.
-Explain that a date can be written in words and in 3 other different
-this is the first: yyyy/mm/dd
-The second is: dd/mm/yyyy what do you notice about the two
formats? They always move from in ascending or descending order:

Activity 2

Dates=dd are smaller than a month=mm which includes many

dates. And year=yyyy is bigger than months because a year
includes many months.
-Final format: dd/mm/yy Instruct students to write what the date
06/03/04 is in words.(March 6, 2004)
Hand out calendar worksheets
Tell students that they will be working independently to finish the
sheet for the end of class.

Time Est:
15 mins

5 mins

Instruct students that knowing how to read dates is very important.

Ask: can you give some possible reasons as to why knowing how to
read, write, and understand dates is important?>>>
Answer: Important so you dont miss deadlines, arrive at places on
time, don not miss flights, hand in homework on time, send mail out
on time, understand history and when important events occurred,
know when your friends birthdays are etc.

Assessment: Formatively assess through triangulation by listening to conversations

between elbow partners, group discussions, and observe answers written on
whiteboards. Observe work completed on worksheet once handed in to assess
understanding and see if concepts need to be touched on again.
Extrra: fill in the calendar date on the smart board when I give the date in one of the
Reflection on how the lesson went.