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In order to teach you have to pass multiple tests which are the Pedagogy and

Professional Responsibilities and your teaching area exam.

I believe these are very critical to know because not only do we need to
know them to pass our tests. But we also need to know them to create
lesson plans, help students, and communicate with the students families.
They are a huge part in teaching.

TExES Competencies
Competency 001 The teacher understands human developmental
processes and applies this knowledge to plan instruction and ongoing
assessment that motivate students and are responsive to their
developmental characteristics and needs.
Example: The teacher plans accordingly to her students level of
understanding and know how to give the students who need help a
different assignment.

Competency 002 The teacher understands student diversity and

knows how to plan learning experiences and design assessments that
are responsive to differences among students and that promote all
students learning.
Example: The teachers plans accordingly to multicultural students and
to student of different races and religions.

Competency 003 The teacher understands procedures for designing

effective and coherent instruction and assessment based on
appropriate learning goals and objectives.
Example: The teacher knows what level they are on and starts there.

Competency 004 The teacher understands learning processes and

factors that impact student learning and demonstrates this knowledge
by planning effective, engaging instruction and appropriate
Example: The teacher knows what works best for the students and how
they learn to their full potential.

Competency 005 The teacher knows how to establish a classroom

climate that fosters learning, equity, and excellence and uses this

knowledge to create a physical and emotional environment that is safe

and productive.
Example: They know how to organize and keep the classroom to help
them learn more and stay focused.

Competency 006 The teacher understands strategies for creating an

organized and productive learning environment and for managing
student behavior.
Example: The teacher knows how they learn and how to plan the
lessons and interactions based on that.

Competency 007 The teacher understands and applies principles and

strategies for communicating effectively in varied teaching and
learning contexts.
Example: They know how to plan the lessons and activities based on
how the students learn and engage with the teacher.

Competency 008 The teacher provides appropriate instruction that

actively engages students in the learning process.
Example: They make the lesson interesting so the students will stay
involved and not want to quit.

Competency 009 The teacher incorporates the effective use of

technology to plan, organize, deliver, and evaluate instruction for all
Example: They can use iPads, Smart Boards, and other cool technology
items that can have assignments on them or help the student become
more interested with it.

Competency 010 The teacher monitors student performance and

achievement; provides students with timely, high-quality feedback;
and responds flexibly to promote learning for all students.
Example: The teacher should know every student and how they learn.
They can make assignments more complex for those who need it and
they can also make them easier. They should also give enough
feedback to them or the parent so they know where they stand.

Competency 011 The teacher understands the importance of family

involvement in childrens education and knows how to interact and
communicate effectively with families.
Example: The teacher basically knows the student and how their home
life is. They can tell when it is coming in between school and when
they can help, and communicating with the family.

Competency 012 The teacher enhances professional knowledge and

skills by effectively interacting with other members of the educational
community and participating in various types of professional activities.
Example: The teacher should be involved with the school and some
functions that they have. He/she should help out or be involved with
extracurricular activities, sports, and any other events the school is in
or throws.

Competency 013 The teacher understands and adheres to legal and

ethical requirements for educators and is knowledgeable of the
structure of education in Texas.
Example: The teacher truly knows what to do as an educator and
passes all state exams.