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Look at these pictures.

In your description,
answer the following questions:
When you hear the word "design" what comes
to your mind?
What do you think the function of "design" is?
What do you think of these 3 designs?
If you were the mayor of your hometown,
would you care for design? Why / not?
Which do you prefer: classical or
contemporary/modern design? Why?
What design form do you like best? Why?
If you could afford to buy some original
design, would you buy any? What would it be?

Word Bank

Qualities: harmony, balance, rhythm

and proportion, simplicity, reliability,
efficiency, usability / usefulness

not tricky to operate , functional,


trade-off between good design and

price, accessible designs, affordable, fulfill a
purpose , long lasting

outdated/contemporary, state-ofthe-art, cutting edge , innovative

visual art, architecture, graphics,

furniture, fashion

graphic designer, artist

art gallery, museum, exhibition,

virtual museum , artwork, piece of art,

appealing, aesthetic quality, sleek,

stir the senses, please your eyes

minimizes physical and visual

pollution, throwaway society ,sustainable