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Hindu practices could be referred to as a "religion" or as "Dharma"?

Hinduism differs from others faiths because every faith is valid and no religion is wrong.
It stresses how everyone should find a place in society. The purpose is to accomplish the
meaning of life that is to grow your beliefs in an individual matter. There is a powerful message
behind it. Hindus refer to their religion as Sanatana Dharma1. In order to identify Hinduism as a
religion or dharma, it is necessary understand the meaning and differences between them.
Providing definitions, examples and purpose of religion and dharma on this assignment, it will be
easy to identify Hinduism and appreciate better what this life is about and the meaning of all
living being.
What is religion? For some people it is any activity that is practice with strict regularity,
for instance, gym. For others, religion can be defined everything that is sacred, or set of
principles into we can practice devotion and beliefs based on holy books and gather together in a
community, for example, church. Indeed, religion can be a way to overcome the suffering and
achieve happiness. Also, the meaning of religion is to give us foundation and explain who we
are. Some people define religion as a connection between men and God. Everyone can
interpreter differently but the most important, religion gives us answer, comfort and hope
because we human beings often seek for some kind of interpretation. According to Oxford
Dictionary, religion as the belief in a superhuman controlling power, especially in a personal
God or gods entitled to obedience and worship.

1Sanatana means eternal or no ending and Dharma means hold together. Therefore, Sanatana

Dharma meaning is eternally holds all together.

What is Dharma? It is not a translation for this word. In Sanskrit term, Dhr means root, sustain,
or support. Dharmah it is a religion life code, duty and obligation and Dharmam means doctrines.
According to Rishi kanda dharma is defined as that confers worldly joys and leads to supreme
happiness. In addition, the 10 essential rules for the observance of Dharma are patient,
forgiveness, self-control, honesty sanctity, control of senses, reason, learning, truthfulness and
absence of anger. Hindu Dharma is also means code of conduct or doing the right thing.
According to Radhakrishnan, Dharma is that which binds society together. Also can be
explaining as an interconnectedness path of progress of all living things.
On my visit to Hindu temple, I was able to understand a little better Hinduism. It was an
enhanced experience. I observed respect to the deities, which is a symbol that relates Hindus to
God. Then, I understood Dharma as a practice of righteousness in living and seeing God in
everybody and everything. I really like Hinduism. It was my favorite religion on this class. I
have somehow a connection of their beliefs. For example, Hinduism, allows many different types
of worship allowing each Hindu to choose their form of worship. However, all living things are
born of Brahman, living in Brahman, and will return to Brahman to die. Brahman is the essential
spiritual force underlying the universe. Hindus believe that all living things are sacred and part of
the Supreme Being. God lives in everything and is both imminent and transcendent. Therefore,
one day we will be united with the Supreme Being. In my opinion, Hinduism is a religion which
is anchor and support through dharma.

With mind absorbed and heart melted in love (Living Religions).

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It has been an outstanding class! Before taking this class I did not know the concept of world
religions. Taking this class, I was able to understand and have a general idea of the beliefs behind
each religions. Today I know where the religions originated. I have learned a lot of information
about world religions. In my point of view, religion expresses itself in different ways such as
sociological, practical or theological. Religion is very important in many human lives because
plays a part in the unconditional reality of God and the connection between God and men. I am
happy to the opportunity to take this class and learn about different religions. I can respect even
more and appreciate love and beautiful faiths around the world.