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Yazid Derouiche

Professor Intawiwat
English 112
December 08, 2015

About my essay
This I believe; Dream
I knew that I believe in dreams, on the possibility of realizing dreams
through the hard work and sacrifices. But, I never had the chance to look
at this subject from a philosophical view; in other words, as the Father of
Modern Philosophy. Ren Descartes used the method of doubt, which is
lay aside any ideas that can be considered false, and come up with an
answer than cant be questioned through the method of doubt; which is in
my essay:
everyone who has a goal in life, imagines himself
achieving his goal or throw himself in the future to see
what impact will it have In other words, that person
is dreaming of his goals realization.

I have done similar work in the past for my Baccalaureats final national
philosophical exam (Equivalent of the last year of high school).
Because for me, it was more a philosophical subject, I encounter the
problem of explaining my ideas in a way that the reader would be able to
understand, in a way that the reader have no doubt about the ideas that I
am trying to draw inside the readers mind. I tried to put the reader in my
place to see why I strongly believe in my dreams, and how watching my
parents realizing their dreams while I was growing up helped me to have
that belief.

Inward- Looking:
I am so proud of my piece of work. It was a little bit frustrating to take the
subject in a philosophical examination.

Outward- Looking
I do not think that I did my work as other people did theirs, because I took
the subject in an extra level of observation. And I dont think one of my
classmates made a list of questions by asking himself about the meaning
of his belief, and why he has that specific belief. I had the possibility to
write about my religion beliefs, but I chose to talk about a personal belief
coming from watching and observing how things happened around me.
If I was the teacher, I would say This is very inspiring.
If I was the teacher, I would clearly see that the student gave a lot of
importance to the assignment I gave him to do. The value of this piece is

the fruit of a pure reflection, free from ideas that can be considered false,
and a brief summary of years of observations.

Forward Looking
If I had a chance to modify my essay I would change the thesis statement.
Besides that, I talked about the difference between people who success in
life through realizing their dreams and unsuccessful people who dont
dream because they dont have goals in life. Then I gave the example of
my parents, followed by my experiences example; And I closed my
dissertation by showing that I am actually living my dream, even though
new dreams come up in my mind every day.