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Edited Writing Plan for Authenticity

Lesson Goals:

Students will practice conducting an interview and writing a

personal narrative about a person in their family

Student Objectives: Students will

o Students will practice having a discussion about personal and family
memories and events during small-group settings
o Students will apply critical thinking skills into forming questions and
preparing a narrative about someone in their family

Instructional Plan Resources and Materials

o Memories and events discussion points handout
o Magazines with interviews
o Personal narrative graphic organizer

Preparation Introduction (engagement) and pre-reading/writing/learning


o Discussion:

Students will be given a sheet with checklists that they need to

discuss. This checklist will focus on family memories and events.

Students will share memorable events with the teacher and the
teacher will make a list on the whiteboard.

Students and teacher will discuss what made those events

memorable, and go over descriptions of different family members.

Instruction and Activities

o Teacher will read aloud Chapter 3 of Where the Red Fern Grows.
The teacher will elicit discussion about family members in the story
and how close-knit they are and why. The teacher will also ask
students to describe different family members mentioned in the
story, and will re-produce their answers in a personal narrative
o Students look through magazines that have interviews of famous
people and read through the short narratives about those people.

Coached Practice
o Students will be asked to work in groups to form questions to ask
someone in their family. The teacher will guide students to form
questions about a specific family story, a family members life when
they were a different age, or a family story that was told to them
with the purpose of teaching them something
o Partner check and class check on the interview questions

Independent Activity
o Students will interview a chosen family member at home.
o Students will come back to fill in a personal narrative handout using
the information they got from the interview.
o Students will write their personal narratives and check their work
with a partner.

o Students will present their personal narratives to the class.
o Partners will give feedback based on a peer-checking rubric.
o Students will edit their personal narratives based on the feedback and
hand the final copy in to the teacher.

Opportunities for differentiation:

1. Students can work with partners to form additional interview questions
2. Students can use a voice recording app rather than writing answers down
3. Students can prepare their personal narrative on a Prezi rather than having to present
their narrative by speaking