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Elizabeth I: Queen virgin myth

Maribel Lucrecia Toro Rojas

Cuarto ao de Letras

The image of Elizabeth's reign is one of triumph and success. The Queen herself
was often called 'Gloriana', 'Good Queen Bess' and 'The Virgin Queen'.
When we told about myth, we refer to a story that has been passed down orally
and usually enhances or exaggerates the qualities of a person or an event. In case of
Elizabeth I, - Queen of England and Ireland (1558-1603)- myth concerns about she not
married in consequences was considered a Queen virgin because she did not known
relationship with a man, however the need to provide an heir for the English Crown, and
thus perpetuate the dynasty of the Tudors.
Elizabeth I did not show interest in marrying any of the suitors, simply considered
her married with England and this people. Her character was determined and strong,
which did not allow it to be manipulated o persuaded to do what others want, simply he
listened to the advice and decided which path to take in function of their freedom of
conscience and the best for his subjects.
I considered about this myth, which refers not a qualities physical of Elizabeth
queen, because is very difficult determined if she was a virgin until the final of her life, due
to the possibility of having a lover because she needed love and satisfation their human
needs, regardless of the superhuman character with which it has take through history, as
part of the construction of the myth that she helped create about herself.
The myth is directed to consider a Elizabeth I as an institution representing the
sanctity and strength of England. She lived surrounded by a divine aura warrior.
She fighted many wars with other people around her, some friends, counselors,
confidants and many enemies, with other countries mainly Spain-, but the principle war
was interior herself about who she was, she wanted and

she believed. She

wanted to transcend herself , and given idea of strength, the own supernatural force to
reassert her power, which represent the stability of England.
Then Elizabeth I created and allowed the myth of virginity with a form had strength
as a way of showing that she was beyond the human, beyond the carnal weaknesses, as
England was her strength and she was the strength of England.