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Technology Exploration Template

Your name: Kalie Holdren

Grade Level that you intend to teach for this activity: High School
Content Area: Visual Arts
Technology Tool(s): Artsy and ARTS.BLACK
Summary of your technology project (What is your overall intent with this
lesson/activity? Describe how you will use technology in this lesson/activity?)
My intent for the activity is for students to discuss art critically. They will read the article
from Artsy and explore the links on that page in order to experience the art that they are
referring to. They will also get the chance to explore ARTS.BLACK in order to delve into
criticism by people of color. Students will also be encouraged to explore and research art
and art criticism from the perspective of people of color and how it differs from the art
criticism that is prevalent in the art world. We will discuss how art criticism affects the
general population and how society as a whole affects art and vice versa.
This activity will lead into a research project about artists of color and criticisms by
people of color. I want students to be able to draw on their own experiences, their
experience with art and their experience with society. The research project will culminate
in a paper about the intersectionality of their lives with art and society and the parallels
that it might have.
6 points
Standard/Indicators (Which standards/indicators are addressed in my lesson? Use at
least one Indiana Standard/Indicator and one ISTE standard/indicator)
Indiana Standards-- http://www.doe.in.gov/standards
ISTE technology standards for students-- http://www.iste.org/standards/ISTEstandards/standards-for-students
Visual Arts H.1.1 PROFICIENT: Identify connections between major world events and
societal issues and the ways artists have responded to these through their work, reflecting
a diversity of cultures and ethnicities. ADVANCED: Hypothesize about future
developments in the arts based on current social, political, economic, technological,
environmental, and historical trends.
H.1.7 PROFICIENT: Critique art experienced at local and state museums, exhibits,
movie theaters, other arts-related establishments, public art, and digital resources, then
analyze the effect of these experiences upon daily life. ADVANCED: Critique art
experienced at local and state museums, exhibits, movie theaters, other arts-related
establishments, public art, and digital resources, then analyze the effect of these
experiences upon daily life through writing or discussion.

H.1.8 PROFICIENT: Know the responsibilities of and the need for individual art patrons
in the community. ADVANCED: Identify service opportunities for supporting the arts in
the community and become actively involved.
ISTE standard 5b: Exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports
collaboration, learning, and productivity.
ISTE standard 3b: Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use
information from a variety of sources and media.
ISTE standard 5c: Demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning.
4 points
Learning Targets (What will your students be able to do when they have finished this
lesson? What idea, topic, or subject is important for your students to learn and
understand so that they can do this? How will your students show that they can do this,
and how well they can do this?)
The student will be able to discuss art in relation to current events, such as the Black
Lives Matter movement. The student will be able to discuss the relationship between art
criticism and society and the relationship of both to people of color.
4 points
Artifact (Show us how you would use selected technology tool(s) in this lesson? This
could be something you would use as an instructor or a mock student project to
demonstrate how they may use selected technology tool(s) to in their learning. Include a
URL link of the artifact or attach the artifact in ACE forums). 6 points
The link for the article on Artsy will be given on Padlet along with the other links listed
below. Students will be asked to read the entire article on Artsy and then to click on the
links within the article to explore more on the subject given. Additionally, they will be
asked to explore ARTS.BLACK if they havent already through the Artsy article.
Afterwards we will discuss the information in the articles by first asking the students
what their initial impressions are. (I plan on this activity to come in the middle of the
semester after already looking at various artists from different movements and countries.
Additionally, I will make sure to get to know my students in order for a discussion to be
meaningful and safe. Besides that I will want to talk to students about current events
throughout the semester at the beginning of class, because I think it is a great way to clear
the air before class starts. I expect issues in regards to race to come up during this time).
Once discussion of the articles and art presented in it has gone on for a little while, I will
ask them to read the article in the last link. We will discuss the importance of people of
color in the art world and the history of people of color in the art world.

The one issue I have with Artsy is that there is no way to block images of nudes. While
nudes are studied in art history in college and in order to do figure drawing, I do not feel
it is fully appropriate at the high school level (and I am sure that my administrators would
frown upon it). I was thinking about having students use Artsy to look for self-portraits,
but a vast majority of the images were nude and while this would not be an issue if there
was an intellectual discussion of the meaning the artist is portraying, my plan for this
activity is to have the student research independently which could end poorly. I cannot
keep my students from exploring on Artsy in general and would like to use it in order to
focus on the Art Genome Project.
Mentions at least 2 specific points from exploring and using the tool. (2 points)
8 points
TPACK Connections (How does the use of technology in this lesson fit the TPACK
framework? How do I know that technology is not an add-on, instead demonstrates
effective integration of knowledge? If you think your Content, instructional strategies and
technology fit together strongly within the instructional plan, explain it!)
This lesson fits within the TPACK framework by utilizing technology to help teach the
content and further the pedagogy. I use technology for the students to research and gain
knowledge in the content. The content itself is the art and art history of people of color in
addition to art criticism. The pedagogy is the discussion of the content and the research.
Making sure to walk around and pay attention to students as they work will also help
determine which students need extra help. Technology allows students to digitally access
art and to access art criticism immediately after it is published in order for it to be
relevant to their lives and the things happening in society.
4 points
26 points total