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Objectives/Learner Outcomes and Assessments (formal and informal)

What knowledge, skills, and dispositions are students expected to demonstrate as a result of
the lesson?
Students will learn how black and white children are treated differently as prisoners of
For each of the above outcomes, what DATA or EVIDENCE will you use to evaluate each of
your learning outcomes (be sure to address this for each outcome)? (Give brief description)
Students will answer questions following the reading. I will evaluate what they have
learned through their answers and their short written response to the book.
Standards AddressedDPI model academics standards (Science, Social Studies, Foreign
Language) are specifically addressed in the lesson?
Historical Eras and Themes
While studying United States history, students in grades 5-12 will learn about:
the Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877
Materials/Resources/Technology-- What materials/resources/technology needed to support
instructional procedures in this lesson.
PowerPoint projected
Pink and Say (picture book)
Introduction to Lesson
Purpose How will you state the purpose of the lesson?
Today we will be reading a book about two teenage boys who fight for the North in the Civil War.
One is white and the other is black. We are going to read to find out how they are treated
differently even though they are both fighting for the same thing.
Prior learning How will you make connections to prior learning?
We previously learned about the reason the Civil War began. We also learned that black soldiers
in the North were treated differently from white soldiers. We are going to learn about how
prisoners of war were treated, specifically how white and blacks were treated differently.

Content/Procedures/Sequence (Includes estimated time for each activity)

Content outline
Intro (5

Before Reading
(15 minutes)

Instructional strategies/learning tasks/sequence of activities (include what you and

the students will be doing that supports diverse student needs)
What do you already know about the war?
What do you know about how African Americans were treated during the War?

Visit the website to learn about the role of child soldiers during the Civil War, then
complete the L section of your organizer:

During reading
(20 minutes)

Read the book out loud to students

After Reading
(10 minutes)

Class discussion following the read aloud about what the students learned.
Why do you think Pink and Say were treated differently in the Prisoner of War
Was that fair?
What have you learned from this story?
Even though they were fighting for the same thing were they treated the same?
Now we are going to read an excerpt from Children on the Battlefield. After we read
it together I want to discuss what is different and similar from what you read in Pink
and Say.


Choose from the following activities:

Imagine that you are Say, returning home after being held prisoner in
Andersonville. Write a letter in his voice to President Lincoln about your
experiences in the war and at the prison camp.
Visit the following websites and design a pamphlet for anyone visiting
Andersonville today. Include at least 10 interesting/important facts from the
history of the prison camp.

Section D: Closure
Summary of lesson How will you bring the lesson to a close? (One-two statements that you
will say at the end of the lesson)
After reading this story we have extend our knowledge of childrens roles in the war and how
African Americans and Whites were treated differently.
Was the Civil War justified after reading this?