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: )MASTER OF ac ah “Call me Shang-Chi, as my father did, when he raised me and molded my mind and my body in the vacuum of his Honan, China, retreat. | learned many things from my father: That my name means” The Rising and Advancing of a Spirit,” that my body could be forged into a living weapon through the dis and that it might be Used for the murder of a man called Dr. Petrie, “Sinoe then, | have learned that my father is Dr. Fu Manchu,the most insidiously evil man on- earth... and that to hanor him would bring nothing but dishonor to the spirit of my name.“” See bee, Ug) WAKE PULLED The Day. (TH LABOR, FleLiNG A TRUCK WITH CRATES. THe EX- (Np ERTION FORCES Me 70 Beene TY We FAST AND THe LEARNED. TODAY Wil ALMOST REPLENISH. MY STRENGTH, “BUT MY EARS ARE TOUCHED BY THE. WARSH RING OF FALSE SUVER, RATHER THA THE DELICATE CLICK OF WOOD. WAY SELECTION HAS BEEN WADE IN VAIN SHOULD THE TYPE OF UTENSIL REFLECT ON THe MATURE IDOUG MOENCH PAUL GULACY4-DAN ADKIt WORDS. PRTORES PETRA GOLDBERG| ARTIE SIMEK 2 GOLORS. UEPTERS. 2 ROY THOMAS, cowraoe led by MARVEL COMICS GROUP. OFFIGE OF PUBLICATION: 575 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK. ALY. 10022 {©1974 by Mare Comics Group, A Dison of Cadanca industries Corporation Al ihrer ves Mazon Avene, No. 22, Noveoer, 1878 asus Price 2 per Copy ince U.S ad Canada, Subseripton ia $3.50 for T2 bebe, Can’ do £425, Fortgn $5.50. No similrity between anya the nares, character, perions, andforinaitutions nts magazine with hose of Bry king ox (deed gotvor Gr chanon Is intenvl bd any vueh rnReriey wile ecy ents 6 Buel colnakSen tat Prinwed ta the U-B-A JFexTURINS SUPPORTING lcxamecres crearep BY Sax ROMER, Wf + assure vou, sik, THat EVERY EFFORT SHALL BE MADE T0 ALEASE YOU: HERE YOU ARE, siR-— o ‘AND THE ‘SHRIMP 1S VERY FRESH Wainy rok Has WO FUR. BER USE HOR THe #088. cal. CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE. AS DOES THE ifquuvas., useo Boe Tye CARVING OF COOKED FLESH... (t= Wike PROVE STRONG ENoUGH Y\ 70 SUPPORT MY SWING.) ‘EL TRUST, SHANG-CHI, THAT YOU FOUND WHATIS— THE CHIMERA? DON'T ANSWER TILL YOU READ TOMB OF ORAGULA W261 THE OTHERS WISHED TO. SEASON YOUR /AEAL WITH POISON... “Ujy sow sreuck Wie Puy Im THE PACE AND HE FELT MOTE. by "6700, 17 WAS HIS HANDS WHICH = WORKERS FROM hYwe'ge Too Lare 10 \SY suouLo've Awoww HELP YOU, t SEE. 1 BUT YOU Look 74 HEALTHY ENOUGH, 3OU WOULBN'T NEED HELP FROM OLD WORK-| ‘WARNIN' THE CHINAMAN OF AINT THE WASTE. YOUR FATHER'S UP TO SOMETHING-— Auaawene, | Fe tome THING si) WE WANT. 70 S7OP Vim, AND WEID LIKE To 10 WAIT FOR A FULL CoN: TINGENT OF AGENTS~~ Jeg | My FATHER'S BASE BEFORE THAT EIR DEMS YOU ARE 4 Fook, HAS ALREADY BEEN ‘SMITH, THAD. “CAPTURED. 4 EXPECTED BE775@ GF YOU AND YOUR VAUNTED SLACK YACK TARR, mw THAT © MAY EXECUTE YOU IN THE COURSE ‘OF MY PRESENT UNDERTAKING. Wiap £ MADE My PRESENCE. AMOWAN, MY FATHER WOULD (WAVE ORDERED THEM SLAIN MEDIATE . LVEF BULLET FORA WEREWOLF BY NIGHT! GUT WHO WILL FIRE IT? ValD £ CLIMB... "TWAT E700 May EXIT THE ELEVATOR, ON THIS (5A SECTION OF MY FATHER'S COMAIN I Have NOT PREVIOUSLY. KNOWN. THE ROOF RETRACTS TO ADMIT THE SKY. SECURE THEAN ‘OUTSIDE THE WE DEPART AiLOr'S UMMEDIATELY. CABIN, TY 1 i ff NY i "BOR HIS BYES HA) | AND TMANKELL THAT CLOTH TOUCHED MIME. AND OBSTRUCTS THe MOUTH OF WE WOULD GWE VOICE THE ONE CALLED BLACK TACK. 70 WIS SURPRISE. 17 CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE "spe Ceaer HAS SETTLED 70->, Take em >) Tee eaveen,. Avone Win tie EXPLOSIVES, (722. NOT KNOW WHY “AY EN ‘ TT ANOW ONLY THAT HE MUST NOT ari Case Tees | \ule LaWiED 1 DETONATE THEM Mi SIGNIFICANCE By tuevined Tie MEANS. || Toenecure Il i. ¢ 7 23 CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE a 5 e = 5 i( "Fie aapeiee was (cn MEMO WED, a SURE TOOK YOUR 7H1e ABOUT AhaKIN' THAT WAS ALMOST 700. ; My CLOSE, SHANG~CHI. ONCE 2 “ATHER AGAIN, 1 THANK YOU i DOES NOTHING, ‘MY LIFE = SIR DENIS... FULMANCHU'S LONG ae D MEWE SEEM TO BE MILES ‘AWAY FROM ANYTHING.