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1. Purpose
- The Home Studio wants to increase public awareness, increase
retail sales, and build more relationships with designers.
- A plan is needed because it gives an outline of what is expected
from us and how we will accomplish the goals set.
- This client exists to supply consultation and home furnishings that
will help customers create a home that represents their own
- With this plan, The Home Studio would like to increase retail sales
and build more relationships with interior designers.

3. Place
- On location at The Home Studio store front at
3850 29th St. SE Suite G
Kentwood, MI 49512
- This plan may be done off site as well.

2. People
- The Home Studios target audience are designers and Grand
Rapids consumers (no specific age/ gender)

4. Time Frame

- More specifically, middle-aged, and older women will be the main

target audience as they will be the most likely to use this business.

- The only objective she gave us was to increase retail sales.

- Marrian did not set us any deadlines.


7. Message
- We want to communicate that The Home Studio is a reliable
supplier of any interior design needs.

5. Circumstance
-Best case is we reach the target audience and we increase the retail
sales for this business.
- Weather can impact a plan as people are less likely to journey out
in bad weather.
- Other community events or competition can draw away from the
event or promotion of The Home Studio.

6. Medium
- The best way to communicate depends on the viewer. We will
probably want to do a radio as most moms will listen to that as they
take their kids places or go to work.
-Tv or magazines could be utilized as older women tend to watch
more tv and have the time to read more newspapers than younger
women do.
-Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

- This company is a based off consulting services and is now

offering a retail storefront with more services.

8. Results
- We anticipate helping The Home Studio to increase in customers
- We will measure our results through the analytics of the Facebook
page (number of likes, number of interactions, number of website
- Help build more relationships with designers


Product/ Service Recommendations

The Problem
- Social Media (Facebook and Instagram)

What is necessary to improve the brand, image, or visibility of the company or organization?
-The company needs to create more brand recognition
- They have a good logo and even some throw pillows that are unique to them.
- They need to share these strengths in a public platform and let people know what they have to offer

What do you plan to do to help the business?

- The Home Studio wants to gain more customers
- Today a huge way to reach mass quantities of people is through social media
- Updating this and posting more often should be a priority for their business.

What message needs to be expressed?

- Home studio is a high end design studio that can fit your exact wants or needs for any given space.
- They want to reach for customers in the Grand Rapids area.
- We believe East Grand Rapids would be a great place to target in the area.

Estimated Annual Budget

Website/social media Maintenance-150 per week for 52 weeks


(*Boost your page*)

Wine for wine tasting--35 bottles at 100 a piece


Fliers-150 fliers at 2 a flier


Radio Advertisement


Wine expert




Ticket sales 120@20 a piece


Total loss/expense


*this budget reflects paying for it all. Social media can be done in house, and a partnership could be
made with a local business for wine. This would drastically cut down on expenses.

When is the work going to take place?
- Work will take place on website and social media all year around
- Constant upkeep of these needs to be done to keep clients interested and to draw more
people in
What is the deadline to meet advertising requirements?
- The store is not worried about deadlines
- We want to update the Social Media in 2-3 months
What needs to happen first?
- Social media needs to be updated on a more timely basis
When is the anticipated completion of the project?
- It will be an ongoing project
If there is a special event, when will it take place?
- The special event will be a wine tasting at the new store location
- It will take place in the spring or summer
- This will allow for advertising and planning to be done over the winter
- Start date should be late february and completion would be end of may or early June

Implementation/ Manpower
Who is going to implement the plan?
-The owner would have to have an employee that is familiar with social media implement the plan or hire an outside firm to update it

How many people/employees will it take?

- 1 to 2

Are volunteers needed? How many?

- No additional manpower is needed

Anticipated Results
What do you expect to accomplish?
- Gain a larger following on social media
- Clientele through followers
Will this meet the needs of the company?
- The company only has one goal; to gain more customers
- our plan should succeed in making this happen
How can you measure your results?
- Through analytics from the existing facebook and instagram accounts
Will there be an immediate increase in product sales or revenue as a result of the
- Once the plan is in place, yes
- We are trying to directly gain clientele through social media and events

Anticipated Results
Will there be an increase in visibility?
- Yes, through the Wine tasting and the social media revamp
- They will gain more visibility in the Grand Rapids Area
Can this be measured?
- Both can be measured
- The success of the wine tasting can easily be measured
- While the increase in followers on social media will allow for tracking in that area
Why should a company spend extra money to implement the plan?
- The company should at least update their social media
- This is at little to no cost to them and will provide a much bigger following and platform for clients to find
information and stay connected
Will the benefits outweigh the costs?
- Yes, If properly implemented
- The benefits will definitely outweigh the costs
- A place like this around my house does advertising and is active on social media, everyone in the area goes to
them because they recognize them

Piece #1



Piece #2

The Home Studio

Piece #3

The Home Studio