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Shayla Pink

UWRT 1102
25 October 2015
This article is more of a negation to the point that I am trying to make. This whole article was
very opinionated and one-sided. I didnt really care for the idea that the only way African
American society can be fixed is if its done by people who go to HBCUs. He seemed very

Robertson, Ray V., Ph.D. "When White Is Not Always Right: The Experience of Black
Students at Predominantly White Institutions." Web log post. Black Agenda Report.
N.p., 13 Dec. 2011. Web. 27 Oct. 2015.

Annotated Bibliography
In a blog entry made by Ray Von Robertson who holds a Ph. D titled When White is Not
Always Right: The Experience of Black Students at Predominantly White Institutions an
argument as to why a HBCU (Historically Black College and University) would be more ideal
for African American students. The blog starts off by saying that HBCUs are challenged by many
things such as inadequate funding, not enough economic resources, and the fact that 85% of
black students attend PWIs. The reasoning as to why this happens leads to the idea that African
American families instill in their children that white is right so learning from a white school

means that youre getting better teaching. Robertson, who is a sociologist and critical race
theorist, then goes on to give reasons as to why he believes that African Americans take on this
white is right thinking. The first reason is that African Americans do not realize the depths and
staying power of White supremacy which is only saying that because schools at any level do not
make it important to study race then students are not able to recognize subtle racism that
surrounds them on the campus of a PWI. The second reason was that African Americans do not
realize the importance of Black faculty and the relative dearth of Black faculty at PWIs, this is
saying that in general the number of African American professors is very low and at PWIs it is
extremely low. So because of this black students and professors are faced with many challenges
and students arent given a large enough pool of faculty members that can sympathize and assist,
both academically and personally, African American students. The third reason was persistence
of racial incidents at PWIs which is only a list of negative experiences African American
students can face while on campus and how that can affect the psyche of African American
students so that they can get token white acceptance so that they are unbothered by offensive
acts done by their fellow students. The closing only states that the best way for African
Americans to achieve better conditions is if the children of African Americans are taught at
universities that focus on such things, basically HBCUs.
While I was reading this blog post I was kind of offended and I think that was somewhat
his purpose. This was clearly for African American parents and as I was reading I thought of how
my parents would perceive this entry and I knew that they wouldnt really agree with the whole
idea of it but some points were true. Now I dont believe that African American students that
attend PWIs are ok with all the things that go on here but there are some things that have to be
accepted if you want to go somewhere. I also do not agree with the whole PWIs dont care about

the betterment of certain groups, I think that they teach students how to do what the student
wants to do and offers them resources to do it if it is possible. This passage was very biased and I
dont really see a use for it in my thesis only because its pretty negative and its not
acknowledging change, its kind of stuck in old ways that still arent really working.