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Shayla Pink

UWRT 1102
2 November 2015
This article is exactly what I am covering in my thesis. I love this study because it has so much
background, then it has a detailed research study with how these theories can be implemented
and a conclusion. There are also graphs and numbers, everything I need to prove my point of
how African American students can be helped is here. I am so glad I found this article.
Johnson, Lakitta. "The Benefits of a Comprehensive Retention Program for African
American Students at a Predominately White University." Interdisciplinary Journal of
Teaching and Learning 3 (2013): n. pag. Web. 2 Nov. 2015.

Annotated Bibliography
In The Benefits of a Comprehensive Retention Program for African American
Students at a Predominately White University which is a study done by Lakitta Johnson of
Jackson State University covers how comprehensive retention programs at Predominately White
Institutions impact the matriculation of African American students. The study starts by giving a
history of how two federal acts (Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Higher Education Act of 1965)
made it possible for more African American students to attend PWIs. The issue then raised is that
because more African American students are attending PWIs and they are still not graduating
then over half of the students attending PWIs will not graduate. It then goes on to discuss how
studies have shown PWIs what is keeping its African American students from graduating and
how the schools have created retention programs for its African American students yet with no

results. The purpose of this study was to see the effectiveness of such programs provided by
schools. The problems that African American students face at PWIs is then covered. The main
issue was stereotyping, this meant that some students internalize the stereotypes of their white
peers and then they feel so uncomfortable that they drop out or some students believe that they
are treated unfairly. Another issue brought to the table was how African American students find it
difficult to form relationships with white faculty which is very important for a students success.
The actual retention efforts at schools are then covered in the study. Examples of this are support
programs, programs for first year students, and mentoring programs. The most important forms
of support programs given are tutoring, study skills training and mentoring. Each program had a
form of success on the retention of African American students. The study then goes on to give
the method of how the study would be put into place and the results. The results were that
retention programs has a positive influence on student success both academically and socially.
Among the students it was found that the mentoring program and peer helper program was the
most influential. The study then closes by providing ways that universities can exercise these
retention programs. What was covered was the freshman orientation program, mentoring
program, parental involvement, cultural services, and institution-wide commitment.
After reading this journal I was so surprised that a lot of students that attend PWIs feel
the same struggle. It is very nice how multiple things were covered in the topic including
academics, politics, social structure and raw numbers. This study is almost too perfect for my
paper and I am so happy. This article proved the point that I am making almost too perfectly.
This was very easy to write about and an easy read.