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Shayla Pink

UWRT 1102
4 November 2015
This was the last article that I did an annotated bibliography for. I had found a study covering
all the issues that African American students have at PWIs but I thought that it would be a little
overkill seeing that most of the issues were racial and I am trying to leave race out of this as
much as I can.
Gedeon, Kimberly. "Black Students In Predominately White Institutions Struggle With
Internal Battles." MadameNoire RSS. N.p., 29 July 2013. Web. 05 Nov. 2015.

Annotated Bibliography
In a short editorial piece titled Black Students in Predominately White Institutions
Struggle with Internal Battles done by Kimberly Gedeon covers the very basics of the issues
that African American students face while on the campuses of PWIs. This editorial was in
response to a study made by Clutch. Things such as white fraternities wearing blackface and
other forms of racially insensitive practices made African American students feel anxiety and
also increased racial tensions on campus. Another thing covered was that some students in the
study admitted that they would refrain from speaking out in lecture because they were concerned
about how their fellow classmates would perceive their accents and dialect. The idea that fear of
perpetuating black stereotypes can hinder students from success in the classroom. A battle

inside of African American students is then discussed as either having a cultural independence or
feeling like you are accepted.
This article was very short and I chose this because it was a shorter version of a study I
found about the exact same topic. I believe a part of the other article is in this one. I liked this
article because it isnt very opinionated but it stills proves a point that I need to briefly cover
myself. I felt as if I didnt cover this part of my topic then I would be leaving out a lot of
important background information. I liked this piece for sure.