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Wyatt Hertel

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English 12H
November 23 2015
Sexual Abuse -1628 words

Sexual abuse is a terrible crime.Whether or not a person is young or old, the crime can
leave a lasting impression on someone for years to come. The truth is 293,066 people a year will
become a victim of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is an epidemic that is slowing down, but not fast
enough. There are organizations that are helping to fight this epidemic. Both Hollys House and
the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network or RAINN are helping the victims and spreading
awareness about the crime. Sexual abuse organizations can only do so much. It has to be the
responsibly of the American people to help stop the epidemic sooner rather than later. Three
ideas needed to fully understand the crime of sexual abuse are the organizations helping, the
statics of abuse victims, and the prevention and awareness of the crime.
From the outside, Hollys House doesn't seem like much. It is a one floored brick
building that is nestled behind several other businesses. Once a person realizes what they do in
the one floored brick building, it changes how the building is seen. Hollys House is a safe place
victims of sexual and domestic abuse can go to tell their story to multiple agencies. Holly Dunn
Pendleton, the co-founder and namesake, is one of the main reasons that this organization exists
today. Holly Dunn Pendleton was a college student at the University of Kentucky(Fowler p1).
On the night of August 29, 1997, she and her boyfriend were attacked by The RailRoad
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Killer(McCoy p4). Holly survived the attack, but her boyfriend was brutally murdered.the
Railroad Killer wasnt done though, once Holly was unconscious ,he proceeded to rape
her(Fowler 1) . Only five days after the attack on her life, Holly had to jump back into classes
and pretend that nothing had happened(Fowler p3). She decided to join a support group to help
her get through her experience and she really bonded with the people there (Fowler p3). She then
went around the country with the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network talking about her
experience(Fowler p3). Then Holly,who was now 32, co-founded the organization known as
Hollys House with Detective Brian Turpin(Fowler p2).
Holly Dunn Pendleton raised $500,000 from private donations, corporate donations, and
along with grants worked with the police department to get six detectives into the Holly House
building (Fowler p4). The building, which is the old North Park library, had to be transformed in
order to meet what Hollys House needed to be. Local unions donated an estimated million
dollars worth of work so that the non-profit could open without debt (Lesnick 1). The outside of
the building hasnt changed much, but the inside has changed drastically. There are soothing
colors everywhere and artwork hangs on the walls (Lesnick 1). In the main lobby area there are a
couple different signs hang to state all the donors that helped Hollys House become what it is
today. For protection, to actually get into the main building, there are two doors that are always
locked and they have to be unlocked from the inside to get in. This is to stop the abusers from
coming in and causing more trauma to a persons life. The waiting rooms for the children contain
toys and other items to calm the children down and let them relax for a while (Lesnick 2).

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There are other rooms inside of Hollys House though. Hollys House has two interview
rooms, a medical examination room, and many police offices in the building as well (Lesnick 1).

The interviewing rooms are simply decorated. There are two chairs and a hidden camera
recording everything that is said in a peaceful manner (Lesnick 1). The recordings are taped so
that it can be presented to many different agencies at the same time. All interviews are recorded
because for a person who has something like sexual abuse happen to them, it can be very
stressful and traumatizing to repeat over and over again (Hollys House p3). These tapes can be
used by courts, child protection services, and the police department. The medical examination
room is for victims who have recently come in from the incident and need to be checked out for
any injuries. The some police detectives and officers are also stationed at the building (Hollys
House p5). These officers are here for a variety of reasons; some are for the interviews. The
officers are trained to ask the right questions to the victims and how to get a good answer from a
question (Hollys House p3). Others are there because sometimes an abuser will try and scare the
the person they were abusing into not talking.
Sexual abuse is going on everyday in this country. It is an epidemic that is decreasing, but
not fast enough. It is an epidemic that doesnt care about race, wealth, where you live, or what
your plans are for the future. Even today, every 107 seconds another American is sexually abused
(RAINN p2). Sexual abuse is a devastating act that can both mentally and socially affect the
victim. Victims of sexual abuse can be affected for life if the person does not report it or get help
from the proper authorities. One big misconception about sexual abuse is that strangers are the
people to watch out for. In reality, 47% of sexual abuse victims were abused by a friend or
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acquaintance (RAINN p4). Nationally,in America, 293,066 people are sexually abused
every year (RAINN p2).

People of all ages can be affected from sexual abuse. Sadly, the most common age for
sexual abuse to take place are the ages 7 to 13 (National Center for Victims of Crime p2). This is
the age range when children are the most likely affected by sexual abuse. According to the
National Center for Victims of Crime, in a one year period 16% of teens 14-17 have been
affected by sexual abuse (National Center for Victims of Crime p2). The amount of children that
have been affected is too many. Especially because 68% of all sexual abuse crimes are not
reported to police or the proper authorities (RAINN p3).
The percentages of people who have been affected by sexual abuse are staggering. In
fact, 44% of sexual abuse victims are under 18 (RAINN p1). This is too many. Another statistic
is that 80% of sexual abuse victims are under 30 (RAINN p1). Thankfully this number is
dropping, but not fast enough. Sexual abuse should not be the silent epidemic in this country. The
fact is, the youth of this country are being affected by this crime ,and unless people come
forward and tell police, they cant do anything to prosecute the rapist.

Sexual Abuse in this country is a problem. There are programs and other organizations
that are trying to prevent and help treat this epidemic. One such program is the Hollys House
program. Hollys House has a program that visits Southwestern Indiana schools to educate and
inform elementary school kids on the dangers of sexual abuse (Hollys House p1). Another
national program that helps educate the public is Children Lures Protection (Hollys House p2).
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This organization helped create the Hollys House program, along with a teen newscast in order
to educate children in higher grades about the dangers of sexual abuse(Child Lures Protection
p1). These organizations help prevent child sexual abuse of all ages, and because of this, the
number of abused victims dropping.

The number of child sexual abuse victims has been dropping. The programs and
information that reaches children today is a great deal more than thirty years ago. Child sexual
abuse has been dropping for over twenty years (Gaff 1). The numbers are still high, this drop
over time is the result of the general population being educated on what to look out for. The more
people report these crimes the more children are being saved from this crime (Gaff 1). Another
piece of progress that has been made is that more kids feel like they can tell a trusted adult. The
education of the public has lead to people realizing that the stigma of abuse should not be on the
victims of abuse, but on the offenders (McCoy 3).
Sexual abuse prevention has to be stopped and it isnt going to be easy. The only way the
public can really battle the crime is through education. The more people are educated, the more
the crime will be either recorded or stopped. Education of young people is the most important of
all because they are the ones that are going to be affected the most. Researchers have discovered
many effective treatments to help offenders as well (Gaff p3). Treatments can help the abusers
integrate back into society with enough time. Another way that sexaul abuse is being attacked is
by Megans Laws and Offender Free Zones (Gaff 1).The Offender Free Zones are sections of
housing and subdivisions that previous offenders cannot live. These zones and laws can create a

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false sense of security though. Since these target strangers, relatives and other family can still
commit the crime (Gaff 1).

When dealing with a crime like sexual abuse, the stigma needs to be on the abuser not the
victim. Organizations are doing the best that they can, but they need the help of the American
people to completely stop this crime. While the statics are falling, the numbers are still too big

for comfort. Awareness for this crime is growing as well. The more people that know what to
look for, the less the crime will happen. Sexual abuse is an epidemic, but with the combined
effort of the American people and sexual abuse programs it can be stopped.

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IntroductionThesis- Three ideas needed to fully understand the crime of sexual abuse are the
organizations helping, the statics of abuse victims, and the prevention and awareness of the crime

I. Hollys House History

A. Holly Dunn Pendleton
1. College girl
2. Attacked by Railroad Killer
3. Speaks out
B. Hollys House opening
1. Donations
2. The inside
3. The opening
C. What goes on inside
1. Interview room
2. Medical Examination Room
3. Police presence
II. Statistics
A. National
1. Every 107 seconds

2. 47% are abused by friend

3. 293,066 people a year
B. Age
1. 7-13 year olds
2. in 1 year, 16% of 14-17 year olds
3. Teens affected the most
C. Percent
1. 44% under 18
2. 80% under 30
3. 68% not reported
III. Prevention and awareness
A. Hollys House Program
1. Child Lures protection
2. Teen newscast
3. Higher grades in programs
B. Dropping numbers
1. Been dropping for 20 years
2. People has been reporting more
3. Getting more help
C. Prevention
1. Education
2. Treatment for offenders
3. No offender zones
Conclusion- (do not write it out)