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October 2015

V o l um e 1 , Is s ue 1

Monthly Business Review

Manpower Breakdown

Attendance Status


Kim Cabatuan
Migrate Abroad
Marc Odelon
Getting Married abroad
Ken Mumar
John Paul Atienza
Health Reason

New homes for the month of October


Evergreen Valley Nursing Home

Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation
and Healing
Resort Nursing Home
Winterhaven Healthcare Residence
West Lake Healthcare Residence
Terrace Healthcare Center Inc
Oasis Center for Rehabilitation &
Heritage Center for Rehabilitation &
specialty Care
Barclays Rehabilitation And
Healthcare Center

Number of homes - 348

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Part A Report

We did not receive any census for Part B only facilities and we are
not able to complete Part A reconciliation for the rest for the homes
because the census sent for Eastchester (Sentosa) is not the correct
one. As per Kathy, she already requested the correct census from the

Posting By Isobelle
Had a total of 1445 posting done for the month of October. She was asked to so Smart
Search on those days where Irina does not have any forms for her to work on.

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Part A and non med Billing

Ernest and Grace were
assigned to bill set of
homes. Ernest was tasked
to bill 26 homes and Grace
had 36 homes.
Both are working together
aiming to bill all assigned
homes on time.
They are also active in
asking assistants for the
Part A report specially for
those homes with strict

Smart Search
Full time tagger were able to tag 10,368 files for the month of October
Kim left the team Oct 22 and from then we only have Nathaniel doing the tagging fulltime.
On those days that Nathaniel was out of work, we asked our part time taggers to do tagging.

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Smart Search
Below you will see the number of tagged files done by some assistants we asked to help in tagging. For this month, we
hired 2 project based tagger named Kenwood and Nino, both need to cover the days we missed tagging because the
full time tagger did to report to work or did not the quota set.

The number of files

tagged for the
month of October:


Eligibility Team was able to respond 724 emails for the month of October.
Arianne was training a new assistant named Charrish, she was hired as team leader of
Focusinc and will be working on a different set to task moving forward.

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DME Eligibility
Since Mary resigned, we only have Norrine and Joderneth doing the eligibility and Part A of DME homes the team.
ON the times when they are done working on each homes, they are asked to help with Smart Search tagging.

Accounting Assistant
Irnabel was able to do 5086 posting for this month.
She has a very active communication as well with Eli and his team.
Shimon was also asking Irnabel to update information of homes in Accountmate which also made her busy.

Lory had been actively communicating with Shimon, Manny and Shetty regarding their project in
Communicate using email, skype call and direct phone calls. I do not get myself very much involve on the
daily task that she is doing since its too technical for me to understand but I made sure that I gave her clear
picture on how communicate is utilized by the team. She has been asking about some functionalities of the
system which I also believe I addressed correctly. Provided her as well enough support she needs to
manage her projects

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Number of Orders Run

The team was able to ran 809 orders for this month, that is 21 more order compared last month.
October 5-6 there were nothing due to the holiday, these days was spent in doing Part A.

For the month of October, we have 3 trainees who joined the team. The 3 of them will under
training with Lorenzo as Medical billers (assistants).

The new homes that were assigned to the team were distributed accordingly depending on the
number assistants per group. Group leaders were advised to guide the new assistants handling
these new homes to make sure a good and clean start.

Isobelle and some DME eligibility assistants were consistently asked to help smart search tagging
after they are done with their task, at least 2 hours per day.

Number of orders tagged went down due to Kims resignation and Nathaniel being out of the
office for his partner gave birth. Yes, we asked the help of the part time taggers but they still have
to prioritize their main task.