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For Immediate Release

Maryann Krane
Senior Technical Advisor
Phone: (508) 439-3802

Sara Krane
Public Relations
(508) 414-0009

RRD to Provide Services and Attend BIO International Convention

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- June 6, 2016. Every year the BIO CEO & Investor Conference
conducts a convention where institutional investors, industry analysts, and senior biotechnology
executives are given the opportunity to help impact the future of the biotechnology industry. The
convention is set to begin June 6, 2016, and ends June 9, 2016. The 18th Annual BIO convention
is being held in San Francisco from June 6, 2016 through June 9, 2016. BIO presentations cover
a wide spectrum of life science innovations and drug development areas.
Product discovery, bio manufacturing, and cell therapy are further examples of industries
represented this year at this convention. The convention provides companies with opportunity for
face-to-face discussions with biotech executives who provide advice to help advance their
product development efforts.



This year, RRD International will be not only attending the convention but will provide
speakers for the event. Each day of the convention, BIO features a different company
spokesperson, which allows them to not only showcase the company, but allows them to collect
feedback on the services they provide. Officials who will be speaking on RRDs behalf have yet
to be determined.
RRD International continues to be asked back to the convention due to their increasing
impact on drug development. This year RRD has created a revised business strategy. This means
that being asked speak at the convention is a great honor and accomplishment for the company.
The BIO Convention attracts the biggest names in the field of biotechnology and provides insight
and advice for companies who attend. BIO Convention also helps generate new ideas about
current and upcoming topics and discoveries. Each company can go to the convention focusing
on key challenges, key connections and partners can be made in a short period.
For more information, details about the convention, (schedules, toolkits, and tips for
success), visit BIOs website, www.bio.org. For information about RRD International, visit
www.rrdintl.com, or visit the companys headquarters at 7361 Calhoun Place in Rockville, MD

About RRD International

RRD was established in 2002 and has approximately 40 employees whose specialties include
clinical candidate evaluation, strategic planning, regulatory affairs, and clinical development.
The company has vast knowledge and experience in biotechnology and works closely with the
Food and Drug Administration. RRD has collaborated with small and large companies since
2002 and has continued to expand since.