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Mawahib Obaid Alsuwayhiri

December 7, 2015
Reading One

In the article, Five tips for successful students multimedia projects the author
summarized five meaningful tips that both students and teachers could benefit from to
create effective multimedia projects. First, the article suggests starting with the
educational purpose of the lesson or the assignment, and then trying to fit the right
technology in that project. Second, before you assign the assignment to your students, the
article advises the teachers to try the assignment by themselves first. By following this
point teachers would be able to see the assignments from students point of view, and
also, teachers would fully understand the difficulties that students may face and try to fix
them. Third, the author informs teachers that students will need teachers help to
understand how to create multimedia projects from start to end. They will need clear and
simple instructions to follow to make successful multimedia projects. Fourth, try to use
free-charge application, websites, and programs. It may be difficult for the student to buy
expensive programs to work on in order to create multimedia projects. Finally, the article
suggests contacting SMS "Student Multimedia Studio" for support. The website has
many meaningful recourses that would be helpful for both teachers and students.