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Harry Glicken (1958 1991) was an American volcanologist who researched Mount St.

elens before and after its dramatic eruption in 1980. Despite a long-term intere
st in working for the U.S. Geological Survey, Glicken never received a permanent
post there because employees found him eccentric. Conducting independent resear
ch sponsored by the National Science Foundation and other organizations, Glicken
accrued expertise in the field of volcanic debris avalanches. He wrote several
major publications on the topic, including his doctoral dissertation on Mount St
. Helens. In 1991, while conducting avalanche research with volcanologists Katia
and Maurice Krafft on Mount Unzen in Japan, Glicken was killed by a wayward pyr
oclastic flow. Glicken and David A. Johnston (who died at Mount St. Helens) rema
in the only American volcanologists known to have perished in volcanic eruptions
. After Glicken's dissertation was published by his colleagues in 1996, the repo
rt was widely cited. His detailed and comprehensive work on flows at Mount St. H
elens is considered the most complete in the field to date.