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How to Upload Your Artwork to

Step 1. Setup ARTWORK. You can Choose to hang your
projects or photograph from above.


Step 2. Open the Artsonia App on

the class iPAD.

Step 3. Scan our Classroom QR code or enter

the Access Code: YTNJ-PJDF

Step 4. Tap on the

Correct Button.

Step 5. Start typing your first name and youll see a

list pop up. Tap on the school year, then tap on Add
Add to our Current Project. For example W.O.W.
Project #1

Step 6. Take a photo of your Art

Project and Crop it to make
sure it looks good.
Photo Tips: Retake the photo if it
looks blurry. Crop your picture as
close as you can. You might even
have to crop part of your picture

Step 7. Submit your image and give it a title.

If you have time: Describe your work.
Press the home button, logout and close.