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Creative Thinking Skills DST30204/ARC30104

CTS Assignment 03
After working in some workshops facilitated by your
tutors regarding mind-mapping and other exercises,
you would have obtained and generated some ideas!
There would have been some strategies, which you
have used to provide the subject matter to work with.
But would this be enough? Can we take this further?
Can this be an original idea? How far can you go to
innovate? Remember the formula:

Imagination + creativity = innovation!

Imagination: your mental abilities to brainstorm and
present your ideas!
Creativity: the ability to translate the imagination onto
surface! Sketching and illustrating them.
Innovation: modifying them further and bringing them
to life!
Synectics is the process of bringing all the process of
modifications and hybridization together to form an
original idea! However lets use SCAMPER!

The Brief:
Use SCAMPER technique to stretch the existing idea
and create an original idea! This will involve
combinations and the synectic process!
Select the best idea from your ideation mind-maps,
workshops/exercises and subject this idea to seven
processes of SCAMPER.

Idea 01

Substitute - Idea 2

Eliminate - Idea 7
Reverse or rearrange
- Idea 8

Pick one of the SCAMPER ideas, which best fulfills your

goal and objective!

Use that final idea to create the final prototype!

Bear in mind, that you might subject it to more
modifications as you are constructing it! That is okay as
along as you indicate this in your IDJ!
Criteria (read and understand):
This is primarily an individual assignment. Other
arrangements are at the discretion of the
respective lecturers. They MUST be consulted!
All ideas MUST be illustrated will good finishing!
In the IDJ
Must have good quantity of ideation processes!
The prototype must be constructed well and
intelligently with excellent finishing quality!
Presentation of the prototype MUST be
accompanied with the visuals in your IDJ or with
your IDJ. These are evidence, which supports
your final work!

Combine - Idea 3
Adapt - Idea 4

Refer to the assessment rubric for guide in

obtaining your best scores!
Always remember to quantify your ideas!
Therefore talking about your ideas will help!
For extra and bonus scores, capture the
construction of your final product using timelapse (optional)
Use any material
No limit to the size and type of the final outcome
as long as it is intelligently designed and
constructed take into consideration,
transporting it, weather, fragility and etc
Remember, this isnt an art project! This is an
ideation project! CTS is about ideas and
innovation! So if you are from another discipline,
and if you want to relate to an aspect of your
Video tutorial is available at:


Modify, miniaturize,
magnify - Idea 5
Put to other uses - Idea 6

assignment is valued at 10% (20 point score

obtainable from the assessment rubric)