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Differentiation using Chalk Talks

Discussion on Islam
Collin Case
9th Grade World History
Understanding Chalk Talks
Chalk talks are based in the idea of having a discussion in which the majority of students can participate.
Within a chalk talk students are encouraged to participate in the discussion in a way that doesnt require
them to talk out loud. In a typical discussion, a few students command the floor more so than other students
and some students dont participate at all. Chalk talks pose a question on the board and students go up to
the board to respond to points or questions raised by other students. This method helps those students who
would like to perfect what they wish to say or who may feel disparaged from participating in a normal
Big Ideas
We have been influenced to think a specific way about certain group, specifically Muslims. What do
we believe and are those beliefs right or wrong:
This idea addresses Kansas History Government and Social Studies standard number 1 Societies are
shaped by beliefs, ideas, and diversity. And it will help students to address their own beliefs and
Essential Questions (and discussion questions)
How have our ideas of Islam and Muslims been shaped/influence?
What do you know about Islam?
What misconceptions do we hold about Islam?
How can we change the misinformation which occurs in the US?
Students need to
Know: Students will need to know some of the fundamental beliefs of Islam such as who Muhammad
and Allah are and how they play into religious beliefs. Additionally, they will need to know the 5 pillars of
Understand: Students will need to understand that much of the information that they know or believe
about Islam has been given through biased sources.
Be able to: Students will need to be able to engage in a discussion with their peers and understand
where the information they learn comes from and how that influences their thinking.
How will the chalk talk start?
Students will be given two starting questions What do you think/know about Muslims? and What
misconceptions do you think people hold? This will help act as a pre-assessment of what
information they already know about Islam.
Tell me about the whole process.
Students will be given the two starting questions. They will write on paper their thoughts and answers.
Then students will be given the opportunity to write their answers on the board. I will facilitate a
discussion about what they have written and asking them why they believe those misconceptions exist.
We will then watch a short video called Crash Course World History: Islam
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpcbfxtdoI8). After watching the video, I will have two other
questions for students to answer in the same process as earlier. These questions are: How have our
ideas of Islam and Muslims been shaped/Influence? and How can we change the
misinformation which occurs? We will also address the misconceptions they held that may have
been corrected.

How will it be differentiated?

This will be a process differentiation. This process provides more access to participate in discussions for
students who normally would not join in a classroom discussion or who might feel embarrassed to speak
out loud.
Teacher Resources https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpcbfxtdoI8
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