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Here to Serve and Murder?

Marquisha Mcmillian(21), Ernesto Gamino(25), Linda Lee

Lush(50), Isaac Holmes(19), Kristiana Coignard(17), Autumn Mae
Steele(34), Albert Hanson Jr.(76). This is just a few names of the
people killed by Police officers in 2015. The purpose of us having
the police department is for them to serve and protect. Also make
our community a safer and better place. Instead their killing us of
like our lives arent worth it. Then after there is no kind of
threatening punishment to ensure us it wouldnt happen again.
Which only ignites protestors and the start of movements. Which
is why justice has to be served one way or another.
In 2015 alone over 1,000 people were killed by Police, and
198 of them were unarmed. This number is increasing day by day.
On average, police have killed 3.1 people per day so far. Statistics
say that, 32% of blacks, 25% of Hispanics, and 15% of whites
killed by police in 2015 were unarmed. As of now 464 African
Americans were killed. Out of that 464 overwhelmingly, 95% of
them were males. Overall the others who were killed were armed

or were assumed to be armed. Basically not knowing if a person

has a weapon or not theyre still killed and thats acceptable.
Possibly because most of these cops are so trigger happy and
forget their primary purpose. This shows how easily the body
count is just increasing and why.
The main reason behind all these continuous murders
really no justice. The Justice system has let too many of these
ignorant cops of the hook. None of these cops are being truly
disciplined for their actions. Which is why persistently police are
killing everybody. Until these cops experience some legit
penalties these will not change in a positive manner. So many
cops have gotten slaps on the wrist after homicides. For Example,
police officer kills a man they have him beating him, then
shooting him multiple times but, he only gets a paid suspension.
Now how devastated would you be if you were in the victims
families shoes? People commit the same crime and get life or the
death penalty. The only diference is the wear a badge when they
murder human beings. Just because they wear a badge doesnt
mean they should get away with it. This shows the lack of

discipline the Police Department has because all these cops

assume wearing that uniform gives them the right to kill.
Although the justice system arent willing to make some
people will. Which is why so many movements started and we
have plenty of protestors against Police killing. One of the core
movements for the African American community is, Black Lives
Matter. Its a movement that started after the series of deaths
such as Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, and Sandra Bland. This was just
everyone speaking out silence wasnt going to put an end to the
murders. Later recently a tape of a man being shot 16 times in
2014 was finally released after being concealed from the public
for so long. Instantly protestors were packed and came together
to let the world know the killings would be no longer tolerated.
This shows that silence and no strict punishments could change
nothing due to how frequently these murders occur.
As you can see this is a huge matter that needs endless
attention. Look at the numbers of family members, future
graduates, loved ones gone. Most Police Officers know there duty
and what they signed up for. Now for those who cant handle it

and just kill to get a kick out of their job should be brutally
punished. Not only have that taken in consideration the person
you harm has a family, kids, and a future to look forward to. The
task is to protect not kill innocent people. The Police make it more
difficult by making us targets when reality just causes more caios.
If we all had world peace wouldnt be any movements and
protestors. If the Justice system makes appropriate decisions on
punishments for cops that kill there wouldnt be any riots. Yet
others outside receive harsher verdicts than the men in uniform.
Which Is Ironic because theyre killing more than the people they
claim to be protecting us from.