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1. Identify some of the problems likely to occur in a boundaryless organization like Newskool Grooves.

What are the Advantages of boundaryless organizations? Some issues that have occurred at the Kiev
offices, managers there said that their computer programmers find working with little structure is
uncomfortable. They are used to the idea of a strong leadership structure and well-defined work
Trying to reach co-workers in other offices who practice boundaryless organization has become an
issue for some managers. They said that when they call the office they say to wait until their meeting
day which is an issue because they have an immediate issue and cannot always wait until they decide
to get together.
Developers working on hardware in different locations had a communication breakdown which
required many hours of discussion to resolve which could have been avoided if they were all on the
same track. The developers seldom met face to face and all made progress but all of them moved in
different directions with the product development.
An advantage of boundaryless organizations:
Boundaryless organizations communicate mainly through email, phone and other virtual methods
rather than more traditional face-to-face communication. The freedom to telecommute with
international employees removes geographical barriers to productivity and allows for schedule
flexibility. By organizing expert employees in groups and giving them decision-making authority, these
companies can change quickly to meet needs and function efficiently in an ill-defined hierarchy.
Employees no longer work in isolation but work as part of a team on broad, company-wide projects,
quality management, just-in-time methods, lean production, and supply-chain management, reports
US Legal. To be successful, you should feel comfortable in a chaotic free-form workplace and have an
ease of working with people to orchestrate the incredible amount of networking required. When