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How to Setup UVI Powered Libraries

Thank you very much for purchasing with us. We really value and
appreciate your patronage.
In order to register setup and install your UVI Library from Gospel
Musicians, please CLICK HERE for very detailed instructions with
video examples. Please make sure to scroll all the way as there are 9
Here is a Quick Cheat Guide for more Experienced Users

1. Download the file. You may need to use a Download Manager for
larger files to avoid interruptions or corruption.
2. Extract the file:
For a Zip File for Mac, just double click
For a Zip file for PC, use the built in Extract for Windows
For a RAR File for Mac, use Unrarx Download Here
For a RAR file for PC, use WinRar Download Here
3. Download and Install UVI Workstation Click Here
4. Register with iLok.com and create a Username
5. Download and Install iLok License Manager Click Here
6. Transfer your License by logging in to Gospel Musicians and
clicking on My Account at the top. Go to iLok Authorization Here
Your Serial Number or Registration
Key is on your invoice
7. In your iLok License Manager go to the
Available Tab (Top)
You will see available license
Right click and Activate to a location
8. Install Sounds (See Next Page)

How to Install Soundbanks

Installing Soundbanks is very easy with UVI:
1. Decide where you want to put the soundbank which has an extension
of .UFS. Ideally, you want to put all of your UVI sounds in the same
2. Click on the Gear icon
3. Click on Sound Banks
4. Under search path, choose the location where your UVI soundbanks will
be located and UVI Workstation will scan for all libraries
5. Make sure that you put all of your soundbanks in the same folder.