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Shree Krishna Stuti & Vandana Mantra

Lord Krishna is the most popular deity, worshipped across many traditions of Hin
duism in a variety of different perspectives. According to Puranans Lord Krishna
recognized as an avatar of the god Vishnu.
Some traditions within Krishnaism, consider Krishna to be Prime Lord or the Supr
eme Being. Here a mantra for prayer of lord Krishna, it is also known as Gopal M
Shree Krishna Mantra Kasturi tilakam lalat patale, Vakshah sthale kaustubham;
Nasagre varmauktikam karatale, Venu kare kankanam |
Sarvange hari chandanam sulalitam, Kanthe cha muktavali;
Gopastree parveshtito vijayate, Gopala choodamani ||
Meaning - Salutations to Lord Krishna Who is adorned with the Sacred Marks of Ka
sturi (Musk) on His Forehead and Kaustubha Jewel on His Chest. His Nose is decor
ated with the exquisite pearl, the Palms of His Hands are gently holding a beaut
iful Flute, and the Hands themselves are beautifully decorated with Bracelets.
His Whole Body is smeared with Sandal Paste, and His Neck is decorated with a Ne
cklace of Pearls. Surrounded by the Cowherd Woman, Krishna is shining in their m
iddle in Celebration like a Jewel on the Head. My salutations to the Lord Krishn
a, Victory of You!
How To Chant - This mantra is used to invocation or praise to Lord Krishna. It i
s great to recite this mantra in morning & evening. It has to be chant in front
of lord Krishna with fully attention mind to get a peaceful and happiness life.