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Best Mantra For Meditation (Hare Krishna - Maha Mantra)

This mantra is a great holy and devotional mantra; it is used to worship of god
Krishna and Rama.It isn't an ordinary spells, it have been considered as the mah
a-mantra of sixteen words according to Veda, Purana and holy texts.
The Hare Krishna maha-mantra is a chant for increasing the power of brain to the
greatest possible degree or we can say that, it is the best meditation mantra.
Chanting of this mantra gives peace, happiness, wealth and concentration in your
The Hare Krishna maha mantra is composed of three Sanskrit words, which are "Har
e", "Krishna" and "Rama". According to the scriptures Obstruction or problem can'
t come into their lives, who do chant this mantra continuously . The Great Mantra
is follows:Mantra
Maha Mantra
The pronunciation of this mantra is like that, Ha-ray, Krish-NA and RA-ma. This
mantra connects you directly in touch with the god. Try chanting, it gives the h
oly or divine effect in your life.
Meditation Method:- First sit down comfortably on a holy mat with north or east
facing. Thereafter, close your eyes and concentrate in god Krishna and Rama. Now
, Chant this great mantra slowly-slowly with religious feelings. You should be c
hanting this mantra at least for a hour to feel the effect of meditation.