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Define Mail to Purchasing When Price Variances Occur


This document consists of configuration steps and an example which is related with 'define mail to purchasing
when price variances occur'. For me , it is an beneficial implementation to control LIV price differences. The root
of reason can be quantity variances and price variances. Also , MM experts have to configure setting of tolerances
for incoming invoices. It is a related document in incoming invoices -->
Related oss notes :
301803 - MRM1: Mail to purchasing MLPP variable replacement
554029 - FAQ: SAPoffice - Forwarding/mail system group
552616 - FAQ: SAPoffice - Sending to external recipients
MM Configuration Steps :
Spro->MM->LIV->Incoming invoice->Define mail to purchasing when price variances occur

This configuration step provides aoutomatically sending mail between purchasing&accounting departments.
Activate based on company code :

Procedures / Access sequences

MR0002 procedure for MR1M Logistics invoice verification.

What is the requirement 180 ?

I explain this like belowed :
Kobev is precondition. It is a control based on header level. In LV61B180 show that structure kompbmr has MLPP
, result is successful.
Kobed is This is a control on item level and it finally determines whether condition type or access is taken into
account. This ABAP form has successful
everytime so sy-subrc = 0
For more detail :
Oss note : 156230 - Requirements: What is permitted, what is not?

Output Types and Mail Concept :

You can fill mail body in this step , you will get an example.

You can use RBKP and RSEG table to create e-mail details. You can see an example in belowed.

Partner : ME (Buyer) , Transmission Medium -> Simple Mail

Condition record :
You have to create condition records based on Company Code, Function Partner.

Communication details :
You have to create a dummy receipent.

External mail tips :

How can i redirect to mail to my e-mail address ?
'Send to Home Addresses of Users' (transaction SO16, register 'Mail sy.grp'). If you use this option SAP Office
will redirect the mail to the e-mail address maintained in the user settings. As a precondition to use this kind of
automatic transfer you also have to maintain the standard communication method in the user settings (INT EMail).

How can i get 'Confirmation of receipt' with e-mail ?

SCOT tcode will be beneficial follow this path --> Settings / Confirmation of Receipt

Finally , buyer and someonelse can get this e-mail.