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For 2 weeks ending on 1st November:

Tip of the week: Try to write 1 paragraph in English daily on any topic and get it reviewed by Bhabhi. Continue trying
to think in English.
1> Learn one new word per week:
Meaning: have an intense feeling of longing for something, to yearn for something is to want it really bad, to
wish very strongly, especially for something that you cannot have or something that is very difficult to have
1. The people yearned for peace.
2. There was a yearning look in his eyes.
3. She yearned for children of her own.
4. She yearned to escape from her office job.
5. Ive always yearned to go stock car racing.
2> Difference in meaning and usage of following: Find on internet-1. Affect and Effect
2. Envelop and Envelope
3. Sight and Site
I want to hear one one sentence using each of the above words on phone.
3> Learn 1 english phrase.
Phrase of the week:
No wonder.
Meaning: We use this expression to say something is not surprising..
1. Person 1: The TV is not working. Person 2: No wonder-the plug isnt in. Look.
2. Person 1: I have been up all night. Person 2: No wonder you are tired.
4> Grammer: I want you to understand and learn tenses of verb in two weeks. On each Sunday we can discuss
your learnings. Go through following charts/tables for tenses of verbs. Below, there are 5 charts in

tenses of verb-4.htm