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To set stricter embargoes and trade restrictions on both Iran and their allies.

Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress
This act may be cited as the Nuclear Defense Act of 2015
Congress hereby finds and declares that,
1) In 2010 the U.N. set sanctions on Irans banking and financial sectors and it blocked Irans ability to get payed for
its oil sales. This cut Iran off from its main source of income.
2) The Iranians have experimented with multiple ways of creating weapon grade uranium.
3) Iran has still been able to receive goods and support because some nations do not feel the need to follow the
embargoes that have already been put into action, but are not enforced strongly by any nation or the UN.
4) In recent U.N. guidelines there are important restrictions on conventional arms and ballistic missiles going into Iran.
5) Iranian scientists and engineers already know how to produce weapon grade uranium.
6) Iran has been able to continue making sustained progress along its uranium and plutonium tracks, there have been
no restrictions on ballistic-missile development happening in the country, and has not had to open up its atomic
facilities to U.N. verification.
7) By acquiring nuclear weapons, Iran would be able, for the first time, to change the regional and/or global balance of
power without an invasion or a declaration of war.
8) Iran has been able to create a fast track towards a nuclear arsenal without much interference by other nations or the
9) At this time Iran would only need two or three months to create a nuclear weapon with the stockpile of uranium
they have and with a rush to make it weapon-grade levels.
10) Cyber-attacks sent by the U.S were able to take out 1,000 of 5,000 nuclear centrifuges that working at the time in
Irian to create weapon-grade uranium.
11) In the next year Iran could grow their stockpile of 20% enriched uranium to beyond the threshold for a bombs
worth of uranium.
12) Iran has gas centrifuges which enrich uranium by spinning uranium hexafluoride gas at high speeds to increase the
concentration of the uranium-235 isotope.
A) All trade with Iran from the United States and our Allies will henceforth be abolished. Any trade whether from an
individual, corporation, or government official will be stopped, regardless of the reason.
B) Any company or corporation found trading directly with Iran or using a third party source to trade with Iran will be
punished. There will be no trade between any company and any intermediary that is known to trade with Iran.
C) This law will be enforced and upheld by the Department of Defense and the United States trade Representative.
Funding for the enforcement of this embargo will come from the Department of Defense of the United States. To
afford this funding the budget will be increased by five percent by Congress.
D) Any individual, company, or state found breaking this law will be prosecuted for aiding a threat to the United
States in their unlawful gaining of a nuclear weapon.

Press Release
Nuclear weapons and the threat of their use have wreaked havoc on the world since they were
created. The Iranian government has been working on developing a nuclear weapon for many years. The
issue therefore revolves around what our nation can do in order to keep Iran form developing nuclear
weapons. This bill will set stronger embargoes on trade with both Iran and their allies allowing the
United States to draw Iran into political conversation. Although there are some issues with enforcing
embargoes, this bill should become a law because it allows sanctions to be set on Iran, Iran has the ability
to create weapons grade uranium, and other countries activities are allowing the nuclear process to
By placing sanctions on the Iranian government, the United States will be able to cut off Irans
income, forcing the nuclear program to be shut down. The Iranian government relies greatly on the
income they make by exporting oil. Once sanctions are placed on Iran, they will no longer be able to
export goods and get paid. Sanctions imposed on Irans banking and financial sector would block its
ability to get paid for oil sales. Thus, once sanctions are imposed, Iran would be cut off from receiving
revenue. Taking away the Iranian governments main source of revenue would cause the country to have
to limit the money they put into programs including the nuclear power program. Also, sanctions will
make it harder for Iran to be prominent in the world market. As a consequence of limiting Irans ability
to sell products in the world market, it would make it more difficult for Irans Central Bank and other
financial institutions to engage in transactions abroad. Therefore, by placing sanctions on Iran, the
United States will not only be limiting Irans ability to sell products to different countries, they would
also be keeping the money flow out of the banks in Iran which would also lower the governments
revenue. This decrease in revenue from banks would again be a factor in how much money Iran could put
towards the nuclear power program.
The nuclear program in Iran has begun its development with no regulations. It is crucial for the
United States to limit Irans ability to produce nuclear weapons. It is known that the Iranians have
experimented with multiple methods capable of producing weapons grade uranium. Since the United
States knows that the Iranian government been experimenting with ways to make uranium that could
become a nuclear bomb, it is important that something is done to limit their ability to produce uranium.
Ultimately, without any outside intervention, Iran has a fast track towards a nuclear arsenal. The
Iranian government has been creating the uranium needed without permission from the United Nation and
at this pace, it has been predicted that it will take Iran about a year to produce a nuclear weapon. If
nothing is done, it is likely that Iran will soon have nuclear capabilities. Even if negotiations started now
to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, it might be too late because they will still be able to
continue working on creating a nuclear weapon during the negotiations.
There are some nations that are still in the process of indirectly helping Irans nuclear power
activities continue. While embargoes are placed on certain items, there are still corporations and
countries that are working their way around these issues and providing Iran with items they need. There
are certain Russian companies trading with Iran. By trading with Iranian companies, these Russian
companies are allowing goods into Iran that are needed to make the nuclear centers or that are being sold
to create necessary revenue to build and power nuclear facilities. This involvement is allowing these
facilities to continue to exist and expand operations. Therefore, they are allowing the Iranian government
to become closer to producing nuclear weapons. Another country that has continued to trade with Iran is
China. According to the article China Continues Economic Cooperation with Iran, the embargoes on
Central Bank of Iran will not affect Chinese companies activities in Iran. Clearly, the current
embargoes are not stopping other nations trade with Iran and, therefore, supporting their growing nuclear
program. Until stronger embargoes are put in place, other countries will continue to trade with Iran. This
willingness of countries to continue trade with Iran poses an issue to stopping the nuclear process in Iran.
The law to set embargoes on Iran must be passed because it allows the United States to set
sanctions on Iran, Iran already has the ability to create weapons grade uranium, and other countries have
not followed the weak embargoes already in place. In order to keep peace in the Middle East and the
nuclear power balance, this bill setting embargoes on Iran must be passed.