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This article about a simple amateur band receiver has several nice features:

1. The author indicates that very old-fashioned valves from the junkbox
could be used (like the types mentioned in the schematic), but also
more “modern” valves such as:
EF85, EF89 or 6BA6 in stead of the EF50
ECH81 in stead of ECH21
EF89, EF92 or EBF80 in stead of the EF22 i.f. amplifier
EF86 or EF89 in stead of the EF22 a.f. preamplifier
EL84 etc in stead of the EBL21 power amplifier
2. The author used commercially available i.f. transformers (Amroh), but
home-made r.f. and oscillator coils. Details about coil winding are
provided, and also details about receiver alignment.
3. For reception of SSB and CW (rather than AM) signals, a beat frequency
oscillator can be added. A schematic for a BFO using a 6K7 valve is
4. Chassis and frontplate lay-outs are also provided.
5. The receiver was said to perform quite nicely. However, I assume that
image rejection was only fair at the higher-frequency bands because of
the low intermediate frequency.

Digitized by Aren van Waarde, january 2010