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Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


Thanks to almighty Allah that provide us ability to write this

Project efficiently and effectively.

I am graceful to numerous individuals who made valuable

contribution to my work (customer satisfaction survey of

I wish to thank our superior Dr. Noor Ahmed Memon (Project

Supervisor) for their detailed suggestion and inside,
characteristics for their thought teaching style. Because of the
extensive changes made from the customer Satisfaction survey of
Mobilink, analysis of topic and depth of coverage provided by him
were crucial.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink



DISCIPLINE: MBA (Marketing & Advertizing)

TITLE OF PROJECT REPORT: Customer Satisfaction Survey of





Before could I decide what topic to write for my Project to be

submitted in partial fulfillment of graduation requirements of the
Institute of Business and Technology – BIZTEK MBA – Marketing
& Advertizing program, I have analyze the current situation of the
Telecom industry and understand the importance of customer
satisfaction in the current era.
So, I decide to explore the topic of customer satisfaction survey
of Mobilink.
The important points of my topic are:
1. Definition of Telecom industry
2. Telecom industry in Pakistan
3. Analysis of the customer satisfaction level of Mobilink’s

On the basis of these points ill discuss my topic briefly.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


1.1 Introduction

Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (Mobilink), a subsidiary of Orascom

Telecom, started its operations in 1994, and has become the market leader
both in terms of growth as well as having the largest customer subscriber
base in Pakistan - a base of over 28 million and growing. We pride ourselves
on being the first cellular service provider to operate on a 100% digital GSM
technology in Pakistan that also provides state-of-the-art communication
solutions to its customers.

Mobilink offers exclusively designed tariff plans that cater to the

communication needs of a diverse group of people, from individuals to
businessmen to corporate and multinationals. To achieve this objective, we
offer both postpaid (indigo) and prepaid (Jazz) solutions to our customers.
Compared to our competitors, both the postpaid (indigo) and prepaid (Jazz)
brands are the largest brands of their kind in the Pakistan cellular industry.

In addition to providing advanced voice communication services that makes

the lives of millions that much easy, we also offer a host of value-added-
services to our prized customers. At the same time, Mobilink places high
importance to its coverage, which is why we cover you in 10,000+ cities and
towns nationwide as well as over 130 countries on international roaming
service. In other words, we speak your language, everywhere.

1.2 Purpose of study

The purpose of this report is to analyze and understand the telecom industry
and also analyze the customer satisfaction level of Mobilink’s customers.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

1.3 Statement Of Problem

As my project start up the main reason or the problem on the basis of which
the project is started is to understand that what is satisfaction level of
customers associated with services given by Mobilink to its customers via
different touch points.

1.4 Hypothesis

Ha Currently Mobilink is facing competition, can satisfaction of its

customer will have an effect on the company.

1.5 Research Methodology

This thesis report has been designed in such a way so that it could cover all
the facets of the Mobilink. The data for this report was collected through

 Primary data
 Secondary data

The source of primary data was its franchises; but main emphasis was kept
on questionnaires so that the response and consumer behavior could be
properly checked, whereas the secondary data was collected through
websites and broachers.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


2.1 Telecom History

The history of telecommunication began with the use of smoke signals and
drums in Africa, the Americas and parts of Asia. In the 1790s the first fixed
semaphore systems emerged in Europe however it was not until the 1830s
that electrical telecommunication systems started to appear. This article
details the history of telecommunication and the individuals who helped make
telecommunication systems what they are today. History of
telecommunication is an important part of the larger history of communication.
Early telecommunications included smoke signals and drums. Drums were
used by natives in Africa, New Guinea and South America, and smoke
signals in North America and China. Contrary to what one might think, these
systems were often used to do more than merely announce the presence of a

In 1792, a French engineer, Claude Chappe built the first visual telegraphy (or
semaphore) system between Lille and Paris. This was followed by a line from
Strasbourg to Paris. In 1794, a Swedish engineer, Abraham Edelcrantz built a
quite different system from Stockholm to Drottningholm. As opposed to
Chappe's system which involved pulleys rotating beams of wood, Edelcrantz's
system relied only upon shutters and was therefore faster.[3] However
semaphore as a communication system suffered from the need for skilled
operators and expensive towers often at intervals of only ten to thirty
kilometres (six to nineteen miles). As a result, the last commercial line was
abandoned in 1880.

The first commercial electrical telegraph was constructed in England by Sir

Charles Wheatstone and Sir William Fothergill Cooke. It used the deflection of
needles to represent messages and started operating over twenty-one
kilometres (thirteen miles) of the Great Western Railway on 9 April 1839. Both

Institute of Business & Technology 5

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Wheatstone and Cooke viewed their device as "an improvement to the

[existing] electromagnetic telegraph" not as a new device.
On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Samuel Morse independently
developed a version of the electrical telegraph that he unsuccessfully
demonstrated on 2 September 1837. Soon after he was joined by Alfred Vail
who developed the register — a telegraph terminal that integrated a logging
device for recording messages to paper tape. This was demonstrated
successfully over three miles (five kilometres) on 6 January 1838 and
eventually over forty miles (sixty-four kilometres) between Washington, DC
and Baltimore on 24 May 1844. The patented invention proved lucrative and
by 1851 telegraph lines in the United States spanned over 20,000 miles
(32,000 kilometres).

The first successful transatlantic telegraph cable was completed on 27 July

1866, allowing transatlantic telecommunication for the first time. Earlier
transatlantic cables installed in 1857 and 1858 only operated for a few days
or weeks before they failed.[6] The international use of the telegraph has
sometimes been dubbed the "Victorian Internet".

The conventional telephone was invented by Alexander Bell in 1876. Antonio

Meucci had in 1849 invented a device that allowed the electrical transmission
of voice over a line but Meucci's device depended upon the electrophonic
effect and was of little practical value because it required users to place the
receiver in their mouth to “hear” what was being said.

The first commercial telephone services were set up in 1878 and 1879 on
both sides of the Atlantic in the cities of New Haven and London. Bell held
patents needed for such services in both countries. The technology grew
quickly from this point, with inter-city lines being built and telephone
exchanges in every major city of the United States by the mid-1880s. Despite
this, transatlantic voice communication remained impossible for customers

Institute of Business & Technology 6

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

until January 7, 1927 when a connection was established using radio.

However no cable connection existed until TAT-1 was inaugurated on
September 25, 1956 providing 36 telephone circuits.

In 1832, James Lindsay gave a classroom demonstration of wireless

telegraphy to his students. By 1854 he was able to demonstrate a
transmission across the Firth of Tay from Dundee to Woodhaven, a distance
of two miles (3 km), using water as the transmission medium.

Addressing the Franklin Institute in 1893, Nikola Tesla described and

demonstrated in detail the principles of wireless telegraphy. The apparatus
that he used contained all the elements that were incorporated into radio
systems before the development of the vacuum tube. However it was not until
1900 that Reginald Fessenden was able to wirelessly transmit a human voice.
In December 1901, Guglielmo Marconi established wireless communication
between Britain and Newfoundland, earning him the Nobel Prize in physics in
1909 (which he shared with Karl Braun).

On March 25, 1925, Scottish inventor John Logie Baird publicly demonstrated
the transmission of moving silhouette pictures at the London department store
Selfridges. In October 1925, Baird was successful in obtaining moving
pictures with halftone shades, which were by most accounts the first true
television pictures. This led to a public demonstration of the improved device
on 26 January 1926 again at Selfridges. Baird's first devices relied upon the
Nipkow disk and thus became known as the mechanical television. It formed
the basis of semi-experimental broadcasts done by the British Broadcasting
Corporation beginning September 30, 1929.

However for most of the twentieth century televisions depended upon the
cathode ray tube invented by Karl Braun. The first version of such a television
to show promise was produced by Philo Farnsworth and crude silhouette

Institute of Business & Technology 7

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

images were demonstrated to his family on September 7, 1927. Farnsworth's

device would compete with the concurrent work of Kalman Tihanyi and
Vladimir Zworykin. Zworykin's camera, based on Tihanyi's Radioskop, which
later would be known as the Iconoscope, had the backing of the influential
Radio Corporation of America (RCA). In the United States, court action
between Farnsworth and RCA would resolve in Farnsworth's favour. John
Logie Baird switched from mechanical television and became a pioneer of
colour television using cathode-ray tubes.

After mid-century the spread of coaxial cable and microwave radio relay
allowed television networks to spread across even large countries.

On September 11, 1940, George Stibitz was able to transmit problems using
teletype to his Complex Number Calculator in New York and receive the
computed results back at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. This
configuration of a centralized computer or mainframe with remote dumb
terminals remained popular throughout the 1950s. However it was not until
the 1960s that researchers started to investigate packet switching — a
technology that would allow chunks of data to be sent to different computers
without first passing through a centralized mainframe. A four-node network
emerged on December 5, 1969 between the University of California, Los
Angeles, the Stanford Research Institute, the University of Utah and the
University of California, Santa Barbara. This network would become
ARPANET, which by 1981 would consist of 213 nodes.[18] In June 1973, the
first non-US node was added to the network belonging to Norway's NORSAR
project. This was shortly followed by a node in London.

ARPANET's development centred around the Request for Comment process

and on April 7, 1969, RFC 1 was published. This process is important
because ARPANET would eventually merge with other networks to form the
Internet and many of the protocols the Internet relies upon today were

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Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

specified through this process. In September 1981, RFC 791 introduced the
Internet Protocol v4 (IPv4) and RFC 793 introduced the Transmission Control
Protocol (TCP) — thus creating the TCP/IP protocol that much of the Internet
relies upon today. A more relaxed transport protocol that, unlike TCP, did not
guarantee the orderly delivery of packets called the User Datagram Protocol
(UDP) was submitted on 28 August 1980 as RFC 768. An e-mail protocol,
SMTP, was introduced in August 1982 by RFC 821 and http://1.0 a protocol
that would make the hyperlinked Internet possible was introduced on May
1996 by RFC 1945.

However not all important developments were made through the Request for
Comment process. Two popular link protocols for local area networks (LANs)
also appeared in the 1970s. A patent for the Token Ring protocol was filed by
Olof Söderblom on October 29, 1974. And a paper on the Ethernet protocol
was published by Robert Metcalfe and David Boggs in the July 1976 issue of
Communications of the ACM.
Telecommunication is transmission over a distance for the purpose of
communication. In earlier times, this may have involved the use of smoke
signals, drums, semaphore, flags or heliograph. In modern times,
telecommunication typically involves the use of electronic devices such as the
telephone, television, radio or computer. Early inventors in the field of
telecommunication include Alexander Graham Bell, Guglielmo Marconi and
John Logie Baird. Telecommunication is an important part of the world
economy and the telecommunication industry's revenue was estimated to be

Institute of Business & Technology 9

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

$1.2 trillion in 2006

2.2 Telecom Companies in Pakistan

Telecom sector is seeing exorbitant growth in Pakistan. The sector is said to

be growing at a fast pace yearly. Mobile subscribers are 95.54 million as of
July 2009. In fact Pakistan has the highest mobile penetration rate in the
South Asian region. According to the PTA, Mobilink continues to lead the
market with 29.55 million subscribers, followed by Telenor (21.29 million),
Ufone (20.05 million), Warid Telecom (18.14 million) and Zong (6.48 million).
All Telecom companies are now working to broaden their network in AJK and
Northern Areas, which were normally ignored till now. Till now 5 agencies of
tribal areas are covered for mobile service.

The telecom infrastructure is improving dramatically with foreign and domestic

investments into fixed-line and mobile networks; fiber systems are being
constructed throughout the country to aid in network growth. Major

Institute of Business & Technology 10

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

businesses have established their own private systems; since 1988, the
government has promoted investment in the national telecommunications
system on a priority basis, significantly increasing network capacity. There are
currently 7 million landline subscribers in the country.

Domestic: microwave radio relay, coaxial cable, fiber-optic cable, cellular, and

Landlines: For local calls the code used is non-STD. For calls to other cities
(e.g. Karachi to Lahore) the code is called STD. For International calls the
code used is ISD.

Dialing System: When dialing on landlines, calls made within cities are
considered local calls. Calls to other cities (e.g Karachi to Lahore) are
considered long distance calls and are metered according to distance. (e.g.
When dialing to Lahore from Karachi you have to dial the code for Lahore
then followed by the number of the destination, therefore you dial 042-XXX-
XXXX ). For local calls, you just dial the local number. For international calls,
you dial "00" followed by the country code. (e.g. For calls to the UK from
Pakistan you dial 00 - 44 - XXXXXX ).

International: satellite earth stations - 3 Intelsat (1 Atlantic Ocean and 2 Indian

Ocean); 3 operational international gateway exchanges (2 at Karachi and 1 at
Islamabad); microwave radio relay to neighboring countries.

Internet access has been available in Pakistan since the early 1990s. PTCL
started offering access via the nationwide local call network in 1995. By early
2006 Internet penetration remained low. But the numbers are growing. There
were signs that this was changing, however. The country has been pursuing
an aggressive IT policy, aimed at boosting Pakistan’s drive for economic
modernization and creating an exportable software industry. Recently, PTCL

Institute of Business & Technology 11

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

has started offering free dial-up internet service to all its landline subscribers.
Broadband access is now available in the major cities. Also wireless
broadband internet has been introduced by the WLL(Wireless Local Loop)
Networks in many major cities. WiMAX networks are also being deployed in
the country. It does not end here as Pakistan became one of the few
countries in Asia to have FTTU - Fiber to the User triple-services through
Nayatel, which at present are available in all major cities. There is no doubt
that there has been helping increase the popularity of the Internet. The
market certainly has huge potential. In 2008, Pakistan Telecommunication
Authority reported over 22 million internet users. Most Pakistani companies,
and government departments maintain web sites which has further increased
the demand for internet.

Wateen Telecom has launched its WiMAX services in the country. It is the
largest and the first nationwide WiMAX network in the world. Connections are
available from 256Kbit to 1Mbit. Wi-Tribe and Mobilink are also offering
WiMAX. Augere has also started its WiMax services under the brand name
Qubee. There are a total of 4 WiMax operators in Pakistan.


The following is the list of telecommunications companies of Pakistan.

Name Owner License Year

PTCL Etisalat 1947
V Wireless PTCL 2004
Wateen Warid Telecom 2007
Instaphone TeleCard 1993
Mobilink Orascom Telecom Holdings 1992

Institute of Business & Technology 12

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Mobilink PCO Orascom Telecom Holdings 2006

Ufone [[[PTML] (a [PTCL] company)]] 1998
[[[Zong]] (formerly
China Mobile Company 1992
Telenor Telenor ASA 2005
Warid Telecom
[[[Abu Dhabi Group]/ [Singtel]]] 2005
Warid PCO Warid Telecom 2007
GO cdma TeleCard 2004
WorldCall Wireless WorldCall 2007
WorldCall PCO WorldCall 2002
SuperFone PCO SuperFone [[]]
Jaz PCO JazTel [[]]
TeleCard PCO TeleCard [[]]
Telips PCO [Callmate Telips Telecom Limited] (disbanded in 2008) 1992
Callmate Calling
[Callmate Telips Telecom Limited] (disbanded in 2008) 1999
Callpoint Cards Damcom [[]]
ARY Cards ARY Group [[]]
Hello Cards [[]] Hello Group
PTCL Calling
PTCL [[]]
Wateem W-Card Wateen [[]]

2.3 Mobilink Vision

“To be the leading telecommunication services provider in Pakistan by

offering innovative communication solutions of our customers while exceeding
shareholder value and employee expectations”

Institute of Business & Technology 13

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


3.1 Mobilink History

Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited, better known as Mobilink GSM, is

a telecommunication service provider in Pakistan. According to PTA statistics,
Mobilink has 29.55 million customers by July 2009. Mobilink's Head office is
located in Mobilink House, 1 A Kohistan Road, F-8 Markaz Islamabad.

Mobilink started operations in 1994 as the first GSM cellular Mobile service in
Pakistan by MOTOROLA Inc.,[citation needed] later it was sold to Orascom,
an Egypt-based multi-national company.

Mobilink is the largest cellular service provider in Pakistan. Mobilink's

corporate postpaid package is sold under the brand name "Indigo" and
prepaid by the name of "Jazz".

In addition to cellular service, the Orascomm group is diversifying its service

portfolio by setting up new businesses and also expanding through
acquisitions. Recently, they started offering DSL broadband through a wholly
owned subsidiary, Link.Net. Company is in place for launch of wireless
broadband service through WiMax based technology.

With a softlaunch on 1 July 2008, Mobilink is now the second WIMAX internet
service provider in Pakistan. Currently providing services only in Karachi.

WiMax services will be sold under the brand name "Mobilink Infinity".
Technology is backed by Alcatel, and company is using a ZYXEL Customer
Premises equipment.

Institute of Business & Technology 14

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

In addition to Mobilink, the Orascom group also owns TWA (Trans World
Associates) which operates an undersea fiber optic cable from Karachi to
Fujairah, UAE.

3.2 Mobilink Revolution


Pakistan’s recent telecom developments constitute a South Asian

success story. From two million in 2002, the number of active mobile SIMs
increased to 79 million by end 2007. This is a compound annual growth rate
of 115 per cent a year, one of the highest in the world, and the highest in
South Asia for that period. This article documents the achievements of the
Pakistan telecom sector in 2002-07. The period covers the tenure of Major
General Shahzada Alam Malik (retd.), who stepped down as the Chairman of
the Pakistan Telecom Authority in July 2008 (Pakistan Telecom
transformation 2002-07, 2008)


(Orascom Telecom, n.d.) states that Orascom Telecom or OTH was

established in 1988 and has grown to become a major player in the
telecommunication market. OTH is considered among the largest and most
diversified network operators in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, and
has acquired in early 2008 a license to operate mobile services in North
Korea. Orascom Telecom is a leading mobile telecommunications company
operating in six emerging markets having a population under license of 430
million with an average penetration of mobile telephony across all markets of
approximately 40%.

Institute of Business & Technology 15

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

3.3 Mobilink Future

The future of Mobilink is investing in the project like 3G and Mobile banking.
For the completion of these new projects Mobilink is planning to purchase a
commercial bank. Currently Mobilink has started its corporate session for the
broadband services which covering the all the customer of internet usage.

Orascom Telecom Holdings has confirmed it has purchased an 11.3%

indirect stake in its Pakistani GSM operation, Pakistan Telecommunications
Company (Mobilink), for USD290 million from Saif Telecom. The company
said it now owns 100% of the cellco, through direct stakes held by its wholly
owned subsidiaries. Orascom said it will fund the acquisition with proceeds
from the USD750 million senior notes issuance that closed in February.

At the end of April 2007 Mobilink claimed 25.21 million subscribers from a
total 58.39 million wireless users across the country, according to figures
compiled by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Institute of Business & Technology 16

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


4.1 Mobilink Values

Total Customer Satisfaction:

Customers are at the heart of our success. They have placed their trust and
confidence in us. In return, we strive to anticipate their needs and deliver
service, quality and value beyond their expectations.

Business Excellence

We strive for excellence in all that we do. We aspire to the highest standards
and raise the bar for ourselves everyday. This commitment to delivering
world-class quality translates into unmatched service and value for our
customers and all stakeholders.

Trust & Integrity:

At Mobilink, we take pride in practicing the highest ethical standards in an

open and honest environment, and by honoring our commitments. We take
personal responsibility for our actions, and treat everyone fairly, and with trust
and respect.

Respect for People:

Our relationships drive our business. We respect and esteem our employees
and all stakeholders. We believe in teamwork, empowerment and honor.

Institute of Business & Technology 17

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Corporate Social Responsibility:

As the market leader, we recognize and fulfill our responsibility towards our
country and the environment we operate in. We contribute to worthy causes
and are dedicated to the development and progress of the society.

4.2 Mobilink Management

Type Public Limited Company

Genre Subsidiary
Founded 1994
Founder(s) Motorola USA
Islamabad, Pakistan
Mobilink House, 1- A, Kohistan Road, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
Area served 10000 cities, towns, and villages across Pakistan[1]
Key people Rashid Khan, President and CEO
Industry Telecommunication
Products postpaid Indigo , prepaid JAZZ, Mobilink PCO, WiMAX
Owner(s) Naguib Sawiris
Employees 5000
Parent Orascom Telecom Egypt

Management In Pakistan

Institute of Business & Technology 18

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

President and CEO

Rashid Khan

Chief Strategy Officer

Tariq Rashid

Vice President Human Resources, Administration & Security

Ali Raza Mehdi

Vice President Marketing

Bilal Munir Sheikh

Vice President Customer Care

Irfan Akram

Vice President & Head of Broadband Business Division.

Mustafa Peracha

Vice President Corporate Affairs

Agha Qasim

Institute of Business & Technology 19

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Chief Technical Officer

Ramy Reyad Kamel

Vice President Sales

Jahanzeb Taj


1. Finance Department
Credit and collection
Procurement imports
Revenue assurance
2. Customer Services Department
Customer services operations
Customer services system
3. Commercial Department
Direct sales
Indirect sales
4. Technical Department
Operations / operation support
Systems planning
5. Information Technology Department

Institute of Business & Technology 20

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

6. Human resources
7. Administration and legal affairs & government relation department
8. Internal audit department
9. Customer services

4.3 Mobilink Services


MOBILINK GSM has always been the market leader when it comes to
introducing state-of-the-art communication solutions for its customers. they
are continuously adding up to the range of their Value Added Services, all for
your convenience.
The Value Added Services (VAS) Section will familiarize you with the new
services you can now benefit from, which will give you all the freedom you
need, making mobile communications more exciting, convenient and
enjoyable. This section will walk you through services, which are not only
useful but also cost-effective for both your business as well as personal use.
These include the very basic yet indispensable services like Voice Mail to the
more innovative and sophisticated ones like G-Mail.
They are confident that their innovative and exciting new services will bring
about a revolution in the way you look at mobile communications.
Following are the major services

• Caller time identification

• Call waiting
• Call holding
• Call forwarding
• Short messaging services
• Fax and data services
• International rooming

Institute of Business & Technology 21

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

• News information services

• Mobilink(GSM)G mail
• Superior security in billing
• Mobile TV
• Entertainment & many more

Customer Services Helpline (111)

Customers can call at the helpline 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for any query,
complaint or concern. The call is recorded against the complainant’s CLI for record
keeping. The same CLI can be used as a unique for all complaints. Customers are
assisted instantaneously for all matters which can be addressed right away. Customers
are intimated for an update regarding the concerns which require detailed investigation.
Customers can also contact us by dialing 042/051/021 – 111 300 300 from their
landline/other operator numbers.
In addition to Helpline, following are the other few mediums through which customer can
communicate concerns to the operator:
• Service Centers / Franchises
• Mail / Fax
• Email / Website
Pre-Requisite for New Connections
• Prepaid Connection
• Original CNIC to be shown at the time of purchase
• Photo copy of CNIC to be submitted
• References of 2 people to be provided
• Postpaid Connection
• Original CNIC to be shown at the time of purchase
• Photo copy of CNIC to be submitted
• References of 2 people to be submitted
• Original latest paid utility bill to be submitted

Institute of Business & Technology 22

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Applicable Tariff & Charges

The default Tariff on a Jazz and Indigo SIM is available on our websites:

Quality of Service and Standards

Mobilink has an unparalleled dedication to its customers and is committed to provide

telecommunication services of the highest quality and standard. Mobilink shall always aim
to ensure that its network is reliable and connectivity remains high during all hours of the
day. Any fault in any component of its Telecommunication System shall be rectified as
early as possible.

With the deployment of state-of-the-art equipment, Mobilink hopes to provide a quality of

service in accordance with international standards. It is important, however, to note that
the quality of Mobilink’s service depends largely on the performance of other networks and
Mobilink shall not be responsible if the quality of its services suffers due to causes
attributable to other operators or third parties and are not in control of Mobilink.
Mobilink provides the widest coverage network, covering more than 10,000+ cities, towns,
and villages across Pakistan. The type of coverage service Mobilink provides is divided
into three main categories:
1. PHYSICAL PRESENCE (Mobilink has physical infrastructure in the area)
2. INDOOR SPILLOVER COVERAGE (High coverage level in adjoining area)
3. OUTDOOR SPILLOVER COVERAGE (Medium coverage level in adjoining area)
Along with nationwide coverage, Mobilink also provides International Roaming in over 130
countries with more than 300 partner operators worldwide.
Additional information about the coverage areas, franchises and customer service centers
can be obtained from our website:

Institute of Business & Technology 23

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Procedure for Resolution of Complaints

Mobilink’s Customer Support staff is available round the clock to cater for customer’s
complaints and queries. The prime objective of this section is to communicate to our
subscriber base the stepladder that is being followed within PMCL to redress the
complaints with a profound focus on business excellence through total customer
satisfaction. Complaints are received from the customers through the following channels:
• Helpline (111)
Customers can call at the helpline 24X7 for any query, complaint or concern. The same is
recorded against the complainant’s CLI for record keeping. The same CLI is uses as a
reference number against the logged complaints. Customers are assisted instantaneously
for all matters which can be addressed right away. Customers are intimated for an update
regarding the concerns which require detailed investigation. Customers can also contact
us by dialing 042/051/021 – 111 300 300 from their landline/other operator numbers.
• Service Centers/ Franchises
Customers can walk in to our service centers/franchises during the business hours for
their queries/complaints. An instant support is provided to the customers for the issues
which can be resolved on immediate basis. For matters which require thorough
investigation, customers are informed about the turnaround time for resolution. Customers
are also intimated about the status of the complaint.
Mobilink has 440+ franchises and 19 Customer Services Centers all across Pakistan.
Moreover our Regional Customer Care Managers can also be contacted for any
Customers can also communicate their concerns, queries, complaints and feedback to
PMCL by writing at P. O. Box 6246, GPO, Lahore Cantt or through fax at 042-111 301
301. Customers intimated for the resolution of complaints.
• Email/ Website
Customers can launch their complaints through our website
or by email at This channel is also used for escalation of the
concerns and feedback submitted by the subscribers.
Customers´ complaints are analyzed and categorized according to their nature. A

Institute of Business & Technology 24

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

predefined work code and turnaround time for resolution is assigned to each category.
However the turnaround time for resolution may vary depending on external factors
involved. Please refer to the Annex – 1 for type of complaints.

Annex - I (Type of Complaints & Turn-Around Time)

Sr. Type of
TAT Pre-Requisites
no Complaints

Written complaint with CNIC or

customers can call at helpline where
1 Bill not received/ 7 Business Days
necessary verification is done and

Written request with CNIC or customers

2 Duplicate Bill 7 Business Days can call at helpline where necessary
verification is done and recorded

change of SIM Details of the complaint and proof of

3 7 Business days
without consent ownership of the mobile number

Details of the complaint and necessary

change of ownership
4 7 Business days documents showing ownership of the
without consent

Verification of customers and complete

5 Direct Debit Issues 5 Business days
details of the issue

Details of the complaint and contact

6 Campaign Incentives 7 Business days

Details of the complaint, A party & B

7 Fraudulent calls 2 Business days
party numbers

Verification of customers and complete

8 Indigo Reward Card 7 Business days
details of the issue

Issuance of prepaid
Written complaint and contact detail of
9 numbers without 5 Business days
the complainant

10 Staff/ Service related 2 Business days Details of the complaint along with exact

Institute of Business & Technology 25

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

location of the office visited and contact

details of the complainant

Written complaint and contact details of

11 Number Porting 7 Business days
the complainant

Details of the complaint, A party & B

12 Unwanted Calls 2 Business days
party numbers

Permanent 10 Business Verification of customers and complete

Adjustment days details of the issue

14 Business Written complaint and contact details of

14 Activation Complaints
days the complainant

The Customers are provided with an opportunity to escalate their complaint if

the complaint is not resolved within the specified turnaround time or upon the
resolution not being to the customers’ satisfaction. Customers may contact
Service Center Managers who are responsible to take up the complaints at the
second tier of unresolved cases. The Service Center Managers can be contacted
via Service Centers, Franchises or by using, the
official customer service email address. Service Center Managers remain in
constant contact with the customers to inform them about the progress of their
case while they strive to provide a prompt resolution to the complaint which is
to the customers’ satisfaction.

If any difference or dispute or disagreement in any way connected with the

CSAF terms and conditions arises between the parties which cannot be settled
amicably; then, and in all such cases, same shall be referred to arbitration in
accordance with the prevailing procedure laid down in the CSAF. The provisions
of the Arbitration Act, 1940, and any amendments thereto, shall apply to such
arbitration, which shall be held in Islamabad. The award of such arbitration
shall be final and binding on the parties. The arbitration proceedings shall be

Institute of Business & Technology 26

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

conducted in English or Urdu language.

Commercial Services

Voice + SMS Bundles

Whether it’s making calls or sending SMS, only Jazz gives you the best offers so you can
have bundles of fun! Now, for the first time in Pakistan, feast yourself with an all-in-one
bundle offer, with which you can subscribe to SMS and free outgoing minutes – and enjoy
great savings too. SMS any network and call any Mobilink number by choosing a Voice +
SMS Bundle that best suits your pocket and usage.

Jazz Voice + SMS Bundles

Minimum Balance Req. (with

Price* Minutes SMS Validity
Daily Bundle Rs. 20 25 50 1 days Rs. 23.90
Rs. 75 100 500 7 days Rs. 89.63

• 19.5% FED apply on the above mentioned prices

• Minutes are for calls to Mobilink only and SMS are for all networks across Pakistan

Institute of Business & Technology 27

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

• This is a limited time offer

Subscription Process
Process 1:

 For Daily Bundle: Enter *101*1*03# on mobile screen and press send

 For Weekly Bundle: Enter *101*1*04# on mobile screen and press send

Process 2:

Dial 121 for Jazz Features Menu

• Press 6 for New features

• Press 3 to purchase and hear information on Free Minutes and SMS

Balance / Status Inquiry of Minutes & SMS
For balance inquiry of Free SMS Enter *101*2# on mobile screen and press send.

Get Bundle Information

• For Daily Bundle: Enter *101*3*03# on mobile screen and press send

• For Weekly Bundle: Enter *101*3*04# on mobile screen and press send

Institute of Business & Technology 28

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Daily Unlimited SMS Bundles

Send loads of SMS to any network – now on your own terms! That’s right –
the Daily SMS Bundle package is back by popular demand! Once again, you
can enjoy unlimited SMS without signing up for the entire month’s SMS
subscription. Which means, you are free to subscribe only on days you feel
like texting your heart out. So why wait when you can send SMS as low as
Rs. 3.99 per day to any network, any time – only with Jazz!

Jazz SMS Bundles

Minimum Balance Req. (with

Price* SMS Validity
Rs. 3.99 500 1 days Rs. 4.77

• *19.5% FED apply on the above mentioned prices

• This is a Limited Time Offer

Subscription Process
These bundles can be subscribed through USSD as well as IVR.

Institute of Business & Technology 29

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

1. Subscription through USSD:

o Subscriber will enter *101*1*01# on mobile screen and press

Customer will receive a confirmation reply

USSD Codes Summary

Daily Bundle
SMS Bundle Information *101*3*01#
Subscription Method *101*1*01#
Free SMS Balance Inquiry *101*2#

2. Subscription through IVR:

Dial 121 for Jazz Features Menu

1. Press 6 for New features

2. Press 3 to Hear information about SMS bundles
3. Press 1 to Subscribe to SMS bundles

And then

4. Press 1 for ‘ Daily Bundle ’

5. Press 1 to confirm the selection

Customer will hear confirmation message after the subscription

Institute of Business & Technology 30

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Mobilink Infinity

Brace yourself for the most reliable broadband and telephony experience
ever. Mobilink, the pioneer of GSM Technology in Pakistan, brings you
Internet access combined with telephony services that are exponentially
better than the average dial-up. It’s Next Generation Broadband technology
breaking the norms by allowing easy and affordable access to get connected
where conventional telephone networks fail; always-on connectivity to the
Internet while simultaneously using the phone; and high-quality Technical and
Customer Services that deliver upon expectations. It is your seamless
connection to everything and everyone. Your connection to life.

Mobilink PCO

Mobilink brings Mobilink PCO, a revolution in its own right that shall surely set
apace the way our consumers communicate at the grass root level. Mobilink
PCO is a fixed wireless phone that has special PCO functions capability. In
lieu of our efforts to make the product more attractive and accessible to
satisfy the needs of local market, we are pleased to announce new user-
friendly sets.
The new set has specifically been designed while keeping in mind the local
retail environment and the needs of PCO retailers. A couple of distinguishing

Institute of Business & Technology 31

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

features of the new models are the single LCD display on the facade and
dedicated “Jazz Load” key.

Mobilink PCO is aimed at bringing prosperity and happiness for all the people
throughout Pakistan. It's a complete self-employment solution for the people
of Pakistan, fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

Mobilink PCO does not only give its consumers higher returns on a very low
investment but it will also create a world of better prospects in terms of a
consistent source of income for them.

Wherever you are, throughout Pakistan whether the remotest deserts of

Sindh or the spectacular peaks up north expect unparallel coverage from your
Mobilink PCO.

With this unit you shall experience even higher returns even though the
investment in terms of capital is very minimal. Mobilink PCO is a world of
opportunities within its self.

Exceptional coverage and the ease of its wireless technology, carry it

wherever you wish
Load the free Jazz card provided and embark on a successful business
venture right away

Benefit from after sales services

Mobilink PCO is second to none

All solutions to your communications needs lie within Mobilink PCO kit, Load
the included Rs. 2,000 Jazz card provided and embark on a successful
business venture right away

Institute of Business & Technology 32

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Mobilink Fiesta

indigo Talk Fiesta

Now paying your Line Rent in advance can get you additional free minutes on
your i plan. With your free minutes lasting longer, you can talk even more
each month, for no hidden costs or extra charge.

indigo Talk Fiesta - 6 Months

Offer Tariff Plans
i one hundred i four hundred i nine hundred i fifteen hundred
6 Months Line Rent to be Paid in Advance (Charges are Excluding Taxes)**
Rs. 600 Rs 2,400 Rs 5,400 Rs 9,000
Total Free Minutes over the contract period (Talk Fiesta+Package plan) 900
Free Minutes (300+600) 3,600 Free Minutes (1,200+2,400) 8,100 Free
Minutes (2,700+,5400) 13,500 Free Minutes (4,500+9,000)
Monthly Free Minutes over the contract period (Talk Fiesta+Package plan)
150 Free Minutes (50+100) 600 Free Minutes (200+400) 1,350 Free Minutes
(450+900) 2,250 Free Minutes (750+1,500)

indigo Talk Fiesta - 12 Months

Offer Tariff Plans
i one hundred i four hundred i nine
hundred i fifteen hundred
Advance 12 Month Line Rent(Ex Taxes)**
Rs 1,200 Rs 4,800 Rs 10,800 Rs 18,000
Total Free Minutes over the contract period (Talk Fiesta+Package plan)
2,400 Free Minutes (1,200+1,200) 9,600 Free Minutes (4,800+4,800) 21,600
Free Minutes (10,800+10,800) 36,000 Free Minutes (18,000+18,000)
Total Monthly Free Minutes over 12 Months (Talk Fiesta+Package plan)

Institute of Business & Technology 33

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

200 Free Minutes (100+100) 800 Free Minutes (400+400) 1,800 Free
Minutes (900+900) 3000 Free Minutes (1500+1500)

** All Government Taxes will apply

Terms & Conditions:

Upon opting for indigo Fiesta program, the Customer can not avail any Line
Rent Discounts, or any other form of discount for the Period of the indigo
Fiesta program.
The Advance Line rent shall be paid in full for the period opted for. No
Discounts would be exercised on the Advance Payment. In case any
Discounts exist, they shall be reversed for the Period of the Program.
The Advance Line Rent Paid is non-refundable under all conditions and a
request for the same shall not be entertained in any form or manner.
Customer can not upgrade from one indigo Fiesta Program to another until
the said Period of the chosen indigo Fiesta Program is complete. Customer
shall be responsible for keeping a track of the completion of such Period from
the date of purchase of their respective Fiesta Program.
Customer can not upgrade or downgrade their i plan as he or she signed up
for initially until the said indigo Fiesta Program Period is over.
The Customer cannot port out their number to any other cellular operator for
One (1) year upon signing up for indigo Fiesta Program.
The Customer is not allowed to change their Bill Date until after the expiry of
the indigo Fiesta program Period.
The amount paid for indigo Fiesta program shall not be used as a cash
alternative/ substitute for Bill Payments and/or other facilities etc.
In case of Sales Return from the Mobilink network, only the Security Deposit
will be refundable, subject to pending payment and conditions
All taxes for indigo Fiesta program will be charged upfront.
All Existing Conditions Apply.

Institute of Business & Technology 34

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Mobilink shall not be liable for any loss, harm, damage, cost, expense etc.
(whether direct or indirect) which may be incurred by any person on account
of anything contained in these Terms and Conditions for indigo Fiesta
Program or any other services provided by Mobilink at any time, including the
use of such Products and/ or Services.
Mobilink reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions in like

Mobile Number Portability

It is now very easy to become a part of Pakistan's favorite cellular family.
Now you can join Mobilink's ever growing family of over 28 million members
while retaining your other network code & number. For example, if you are
currently using a 0321, 0333 or 0345 connection and switch to Mobilink then
your mobile phone number along with its code remains the same.
The benefits of this service are:

While becoming a Mobilink subscriber your number remains the same

Now no hassle of informing all your contacts about a new number
Your mobile phone number becomes your true identity and it no longer
represents a mobile operator
Benefits of joining the Mobilink family
Widest nationwide coverage
International roaming in more than 130 countries (For indigo customers)
Well connected Franchise/Service centers across the nation assist you in
every possible way
On net advantage (Call over 28 million Mobilink family members for as low as
Rs. 0.40/min)
Great Value Added Services readily available
Lower international direct dialing rates

Institute of Business & Technology 35

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Enjoy the BlackBerry solution (+roaming) on your existing number (For indigo
How to become a Mobilink Subscriber using a different code & number?
Fill the "Port-in form" along with "CSAF" (available at Franchise/Service
centers) and submit a copy of your NIC.

Ideally the port in process takes 4 days (minimum) however, the process can
take up to 21 days in case you or your existing services provider fail to meet
all the necessary requirements.

How to ensure successful completion of the switch-over process?

For timely and smooth completion of the process, please ensure the

Your existing connection is active

Your existing connection is registered in your name
There is no restriction from your current service provider that prevents you
from changing the service provider
You have been using your existing connection for more than 60 days
You have settled all your outstanding payments with your existing service
Click here to download the Port-in Form

Can I switch-over to any Mobilink indigo and Jazz package?
Yes, it is entirely up to you. You can select any indigo or Jazz Package. Club
indigo is an exclusive club meant for high-revenue indigo customers and our
corporate clients, and it provides top-of-the-line services to its valuable
Club indigo offers unique privileges such as personalized services (e.g.
delivery of SIM cards, activation of VAS, etc.); priority handling at Contact and

Institute of Business & Technology 36

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Service Centers; free of cost replacements of SIM, change of MSISDN and IR

activation; special events and get-togethers exclusively arranged for Club
members; and personalized delivery of Sentiments on occasions such as Eid,
Christmas, etc.
Each account has its own CAM (Corporate Account Manager), who assists
the account holder with all their queries and concerns. The CAM’s maintain a
very healthy and helpful relationship with their accounts, and ensure that each
account is visited at least once every month by them. Club indigo remains a
one-of-its-kind club in Pakistan, with top-notch services, unprecedented
facilities, and the best voice quality

Will my call rates be higher if I become a Mobilink customer?

No, you will be charged according to your package plan. There will be no
additional call charges for that.
What will happen to my contact list stored in the old SIM?
Nowadays most of the cell phones have a built-in phone memory so it is
recommended that before discarding your old SIM you copy all your contacts
in your phone memory.
Will I be able to utilize Mobilink's Friends and Family feature after switching-
Yes, Mobilink's Friends and Family feature will be available to you based on
the kind of package you choose.
Will I be able to add those Mobilink numbers as Friends and Family who don't
have Mobilink prefix codes?
Yes, all Mobilink subscribers irrespective of their prefix code can be added as
Friends and Family.
Why is there a delay in activation of the SIM?
There is a delay because switch-over involves detailed coordination with your
existing service provider. Your request for switching to Mobilink is sent to
them and your SIM is activated only after they have completed the process at
their end.

Institute of Business & Technology 37

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

How do I know that my SIM has been activated?

You will stop receiving signals on your existing connection indicating that the
switch-over is taking place.

At this time you should replace your old SIM with your new Mobilink SIM
which will be activated within 4hrs.

During the process will my SIM remain activated & for how long?

Citi Mobilink Credit Card

Apply for or Spend on your Citi Mobilink Credit Card and enjoy unique

Enjoy Free Airtime!

Get Free Airtime instantly at participating Mobilink outlets listed below against
Reward Points earned on your Citi Mobilink Credit Card.

Enjoy Discounts!
Simply Call CitiPhone at 111-222-222 to signup for the Mobilink direct facility -
Autopay and enjoy a 15% discount on your monthly indigo line rent (Subject
to customer entering into a one year non-portability agreement with Mobilink).

Avail an Annual Fee Waiver on the Citi Mobilink Credit Card when you sign
up onto Autopay. Autopay is a FREE service.

Enjoy Rewards!
Earn TRIPLE Reward Points for every Rs. 50 spent on your Citi Mobilink
Credit Card at Mobilink Outlets or through the Autopay Facility. Earn
DOUBLE Reward Points on Spend elsewhere.
Get Amazing Discount at:

Institute of Business & Technology 38

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

No Annual Fee!
For a limited time period, new card members may avail Annual Fee Waiver
for the first year.
(Such waiver is independent of the Auto pay Signup)

Get Free Connections!

Get one indigo Postpaid and one Jazz Prepaid connection for Free (all taxes
borne by Mobilink) when you signup for Citi Mobilink Credit card.

No Security Deposit!
Avail a Security deposit waiver on indigo Connections and indigo International
Roaming upon signing up for the Auto pay Facility.

Instant Redemption!
Simply ask the Mobilink Customer Sales Representative to redeem reward
points against Free Airtime. The redemption against reward points can be for
full or partial bill amount.

Participating Mobilink Customer Support Centers

D-21/22, Block 8, Chaudry Khaliq-Uz-Zaman Road, Scheme 5, Kehkashan,
Clifton , Karachi
Awami Markaz, G-11/B, Ground Floor, Shahrah e Faysal Karachi
2-Usman Plaza Plot no. 37SG, Block 13-B, Near Baitul Makarram Mosque
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
D-13, Block-H, North Nazimabad Karachi
Ground Floor, Eden Center, 43-Jail Road, Lahore
Mobilink House, 5-P, Gulberg-II, Lahore

Institute of Business & Technology 39

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Redco Plaza Jinnah Avenue, 78-E, Blue Area, Islamabad
State Life Building # 8, Kashmir Road, Sadar, Rawalpindi

1298/B Peoples Colony #1, Faisal abad

Zaheer Plaza, Near Lari Adda, G.T.Road, Gujranwala

Multan Arcade, Katchery Road, Multan

Citi Mobilink Exclusive Packages

Citi Mobilink Talk Points through Citiphone
Talk Points Free Airtime
1000 Rs. 500
2000 Rs. 1,000
Note : Minimum of 1000 Talk Points are required for redemption

Sign-up benefits
As a valued customer, you are entitled to special privileges. On becoming a
Card member, you will be exempt from the joining fee. You can also apply for
three supplementary cards - free for the first year. In addition to this, you get a
range of benefits as mentioned below:

Bonus Talk Points Citi Mobilink Card members will receive 1000 Bonus Talk
Points on signing up for Direct Debit. You can redeem these points against
free Mobilink airtime or choose from a range of gifts available in our rewards

Institute of Business & Technology 40

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Hassle-free Payment Options

Take the hassle out of paying your monthly bills. You can choose to pay your
indigo bills from a variety of options listed below:
You can pay your bills online by logging on to or from the comfort of your home or office computer
using your Citi Mobilink credit card.
You can call 24 hour Citi Phone on 111-222-222 at your convenience.
Citi bank makes payment of your bills absolutely effortless through the Direct
Debit Facility. All you have to do is simply authorize Mobilink to automatically
charge your credit card account each time a payment is due. Just sign the
Direct Debit form at any Mobilink Sales and Service Centers or call Citi
phoneCiti phone for Direct Debit activation.
Now paying your Mobilink bills is quick and simple.

4.4 Technology Platform

Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited, better known as Mobilink GSM, is

a telecommunication service provider in Pakistan. According to PTA statistics,
Mobilink has 29.55 million customers by July 2009. Mobilink's Head office is
located in Mobilink House, 1 A Kohistan Road, F-8 Markaz Islamabad.

Mobilink started operations in 1994 as the first GSM cellular Mobile service in
Pakistan by MOTOROLA Inc.,[citation needed] later it was sold to Orascom,
an Egypt-based multi-national company.

Mobilink is the largest cellular service provider in Pakistan. Mobilink's

corporate postpaid package is sold under the brand name "Indigo" and
prepaid by the name of "Jazz".

In addition to cellular service, the Orascomm group is diversifying its service

portfolio by setting up new businesses and also expanding through

Institute of Business & Technology 41

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

acquisitions. Recently, they started offering DSL broadband through a wholly

owned subsidiary, Link.Net. Company is in place for launch of wireless
broadband service through WiMax based technology.

With a softlaunch on 1 July 2008, Mobilink is now the second WIMAX internet
service provider in Pakistan. Currently providing services only in Karachi.

WiMax services will be sold under the brand name "Mobilink Infinity".
Technology is backed by Alcatel, and company is using a ZYXEL Customer
Premises equipment.

In addition to Mobilink, the Orascom group also owns TWA (Trans World
Associates) which operates an undersea fiber optic cable from Karachi to
Fujairah, UAE.


Mobilink is using high IT based technology for operations. Mobilink uses
Motorola’s infrastructure mostly at radio based stations, but now it has been
exceedingly using Alchatel equipment too. Switching equipment is of Siemens
and Alchatel, billing system from Telesens KSCL and Ericsson, Intelligent
network from Siemens, Microwave equipement DMC. The GSM (Global
System of Mobile communication) band that is used by Mobilink is in
900/1800 MHz.

4.5 Service Point


The head office of Mobilink is located at KULSUM Plaza, blue area,


Institute of Business & Technology 42

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Branch Offices:

Its branch offices are located in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Rahim Yar
Khan, Sukkur, Peshwar, Quetta, Swat, and Kohat. Moblink has three main
contact centers in three regions of Pakistan. As for the customers centers
there are about 2000-2500 customers service centers all over Pakistan.

Franchise Addresses
Mobilink has a wide range of voice and data products that help you keep in
touch at home and when traveling. Please contact a Mobilink office or one of
our Franchises' to get connected to Pakistan's largest cellular network.

Institute of Business & Technology 43

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


5.1 Market Positioning

Company is facing competition from all the operators in telecom that includes
all the face GSM (Global System of mobile) operators, CDMA operators and
LDI operators and land line operators. All these telecom companies Human
Resource Departments are in constant need of new employees. So there is
stiff competition in the telecom market for Mobilink.

Major competitors of Mobilink include

 Telenor
 Ufone
 Warid
 Zong
& others


Cellular Service Provider Market Share
Mobilink 37%
Ufone 21%
Telenor 20%
Warid 17%
Zong 3%

Source: (Pakistan Telecom Authority,2008)

The above table shows that Mobilink is the market leader in terms of market
share. (Personal communication, July 09, 2008) revealed that the market
share has been dropped significantly during the past 5 years due to changing
market structure & increasing competition in the industry however Mobilink is

Institute of Business & Technology 44

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

still the leader in growth & profitability as evident through largest market


Source: PTA

Institute of Business & Technology 45

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

The above diagrams show that Mobilink has overall the highest market
share of 38% but its customers’ growth has become relatively slow
(Figure 2.2) as least number of subscribers opt it during May 2008.

5.2 Telenor

Telenor acquired the license for providing GSM services in Pakistan in April
2004, and had launched its services commercially in Islamabad, Rawalpindi
and Karachi on 15 March 2005]], and on 23 March 2005, Telenor started its
services in Lahore, Faisalabad and Hyderabad. Telenor has its Corporate
headquarters in Islamabad, with regional offices in Karachi and Lahore. On
January 28, 2005, Telenor established its first call centre in Lahore. Telenor is
the 2nd largest network of Pakistan after Mobilink.

The official opening was held in Islamabad with the Ex-President of Pakistan
General Pervez Musharraf as the guest of honor and a Telenor delegation
headed by CEO Telenor Jon Fredrik Baksaas along with CEO Telenor
Pakistan Tore Johnsen. The inauguration call was made by Ex-President
Pervez Musharaf to the Prime Minister of Norway. Now CEO of Telenor
Pakistan is Jon Eddy Abdullah.
Telenor is providing eight prepaid packages and four postpaid packages.

Prepaid Packages:

• Talkshalk A1
• Talkshalk Har Second
• Talkshalk Har Minute
• Talkshalk 30 Second
• Talkshawk 63
• djuice
• Djuice Jaagtay Raho
• Djuice Din Raat

Institute of Business & Technology 46

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Postpaid Packages:

• Persona EASY
• Persona SIMPLE
• Persona FREE
• Persona Karoobar (Aimed at Business owners)

5.3 Ufone

Ufone GSM is a Pakistani GSM cellular service provider. It is one of six GSM
Mobile companies in Pakistan and is a subsidiary of Pakistan
Telecommunication Company. It has a subscriber base of 20.05 million as of
July 2009. It is currently owned by United Arab Emirates based Etisalat.
PTML is a wholly owned subsidiary of PTCL. established to operate cellular
telephony. The company commenced its operations, under the brand name of
Ufone from Islamabad on January 29 2001.

During the year, as a consequence of PTCL’s privatization, 26% of its shares

were acquired by Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etisalat). Being
part of PTCL, the management of Ufone has also been handed over to
Etisalat. During the year July 2005 to June 2006, further expanded its
coverage and has added new cities and highways. Ufone has network
coverage in more than 750 cities, towns and across all major highways of the

During the year Ufone completed the network expansion of Phase 4 in

existing as well as in new cities and towns which amounted to more than US
Dollar 170 million. As a result the asset base of the Company has increased
from Rs. 20 billion to Rs. 27 billion.

During the year Ufone adopted the policy of simplified tariffs with no hidden
charges, which resulted in positive impacts on the usage trends of
subscribers as well as total subscriber base, which has increased from 2,579k

Institute of Business & Technology 47

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

in June 2005 to 7,487k in June 2006. Ufone currently caters for international
roaming to more than 195 live operators across 119 countries and introduced
International roaming facility for Prepaid subscribers in Saudi Arabia, United
Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Portugal and Kuwait with lowest
rates, featuring no security deposit and activation charges. GPRS Roaming
facility is available with more than 75 Live Operators across 59 countries.

The company has also been awarded a new License for providing cellular
services in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and the Northern Areas.

5.4 Warid

Warid Telecom International is an Abu Dhabi based mobile

telecommunication firm providing telephony services in Bangladesh, Congo,
Pakistan and Uganda. Warid is expected to launch in the Ivory Coast and
Georgia soon.
In December 2005, Warid Telecom International LLC obtained a 15 year
GSM license to operate as the sixth mobile phone operator in Bangladesh for
50 million US dollars.

Warid Bangladesh launched their operations on the 10th of May, 2007 and
uses the code 16 preceded by the code number of Bangladesh +880. Warid
Bangladesh has acquired a million subscribers within 70 days of launch.

The company started rolling out network from mid-2006. In less than a year,
amidst much speculation, Warid Bangladesh launched their commercial
operation with 26 districts – the largest ever launch in terms of network
coverage and BTS Stations. Unlike its operations in other countries Warid
Bangladesh uses the slogan be heard instead of we care.

Institute of Business & Technology 48

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Currently Warid Bangladesh provides both post-paid and pre-paid connection

plans. The post-paid plan is branded and marketed across the country under
the name Warid Post-paid. The pre-paid segment is branded and marketed
as Warid Pre-Paid.

Institute of Business & Technology 49

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


6.1 Questionnaire

For the service Offered to the Customer

1 For how long you are using Mobilink?

□ 3-6 month’s □ 7-12 months □ More Then One year □ More then 5 year

2 What quality of service that Mobilink provides?

□ Very good □ satisfactory □ Average □ Bad

3 What level of customer satisfaction and services that Mobilink


□ Very good □ satisfactory □ Average □ Bad

4 Which package of Jazz are you using?

□ Don’t Remember □ Jazz easy □ Jazz Octane □ Jazz Budget

□ Jazz Ladies 1st □ Jazz One

5 What is the best option that attracts you in this package?

□ SMS Rates □ Late Night Option Calling Rates □ Regular Call Rates
□ FNF Call Rates

6 Do you compare your existing package tariff with other companies`


□ Yes □ No

7 Do the promotional activities attract you to use new features in you

existing package?

□ Yes □ No

Institute of Business & Technology 50

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

8 What coverage level (signals) of Mobilink you receive any where you

□ Very good □ satisfactory □ Average □ Bad

9 Does the Value added Services attract you to use the Jazz

□ Yes □ No

10 What Value added Services do you use?

□ Mobitunes □ SMS □ 555 □ MMS □ Others (Please specify)

11 How much level of ease of access you have to get the

connection/SIM and Scratch cards/Balance Load on your number

□ every where □ Some where □ Rarely □ No where (then please mention your

12 If you have same or batter offer from other network are you willing to
switch network?

□ Yes □ No

13 Which other operator’s connection are you using currently alongwith

your Jazz number?

□ Name of Operator

14 Which character makes Mobilink a large cellular company?

□ Business Excellence
□ Total Customer Satisfaction
□ Trust and integrity
□ Respect for people
□ Corporate Social Responsibility

15 What influence dose Mobilink possess for the benefit of the society?

□ High □ Moderate □ Low □ No

16 Are there any suggestions you like to give to Mobilink?

Institute of Business & Technology 51

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

For After sales Service Given to the customer

Was there a Floor Greeter to greet you at the entrance?

 Yes
 No

How was the Courtesy level of CCR at customer care center or


 Good
 Bad
 Excellent

Knowledge level of our CCR?

 Good
 Bad

Was your problem resolved by the CCR in the given TAT?

 Yes
 No

Was your issue resolved during the 1st visit?

 Yes
 No

Atmosphere of Customer Care Center?

 Good
 Bad
 Excellent

What is your level of satisfaction with the overall services of Mobilink?

 Good
 Bad
 Excellent

Institute of Business & Technology 52

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

6.2 Questionnaire Graphs



Options 1 2 3 4 5 6
Question1 4 8 26 12
2 12 30 4 4
3 4 40 2 2
4 2 2 2 32 8 4
5 8 8 31 3
6 45 5
7 42 8
8 8 32 7 3
9 35 15
10 30 4 0 14 2
11 50 0 0 0
12 30 20
13 0 0
14 10 30 4 3 3
15 2 44 3 1

Question number 13 is descriptive Question results are given below:

Telenor: 21
Ufone: 22
Warid: 6
Zong: 1

Institute of Business & Technology 53

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


Courtesy of Our Staff

Was there
a Floor Courtesy
Greeter to of our
greet CCR?
10% 20%

Product & Process

Was your
Knowledge resolved
level of our by the
the given
20% 15%

Institute of Business & Technology 54

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

What is
Was your your Level
issue of
resolved satisfaction
during the with overall
1st visit? services of
15% 10%


of CC


6.3 Research Findings

As per the research conducted for the services of Mobilink more the 80% of
the customers are satisfied and regularly use the services of Mobilink. As
Mobilink in the pioneer company in Pakistan which has always introduce new
services for its customers therefore customers are also instructed in the new
services launch and also subscribe them like Mobi safe , Mobi tunes and

Institute of Business & Technology 55

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Customer Care Centers


Overall Satisfaction
Mobilink House Faisalabad, Mobilink House Multan, Jhelum Center & NTO

Knowledge Level of CCR

Mobilink House Lahore, Eden center, Mobilink House Faisalabad, Mobilink
House Multan, Rahim Yar Khan Center, Islamabad Center, Jhelum Center,
NTO Center, -Mobilink House Quetta & Mobilink House Sukkur

Courtesy of CCR
All four Regions except Mobilink House Gujranwala

Institute of Business & Technology 56

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


7.1 PEST

(PEST Analysis, n.d.) In PEST P stands for Political, E stands for economical,
S stands for social and T stands for technological analysis of industry with
respect to their environment. The organization's advertising surroundings is
made up from:

1. The organization inner environment e.g. staff (or internal customers),

office, technology, wages and finance, etc.
2. The organization external-environment e.g. our external customers,
agents and
distributors, suppliers, our competitors, etc.
3. The country forces affecting the environment e.g. Political forces,
Economic forces, Socio-cultural forces, and Technological forces. These are
known as PEST factors.

a) Political Factors
• Political environment of Pakistan is stable in the current situation and
country is not progressing in terms of economic growth that was expected.
• Environment is investor non-friendly & telecommunication sector is
under regulation.
• Before WTO implementation government already took steps in
regulation of telecommunication sector.

b) Economic Factors
• Marketers should consider long term and short term state of a trading
• Inflation is being controlled by state bank and under strict eyes but
unemployment rate is going up & up with the increase of level of poverty

Institute of Business & Technology 57

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

• Economic instability is worsening day by day as liquidity crunch is

prevailing in the world

c) Socio-Cultural Factors
• As Pakistan is an Islamic country and people are very strict in case of
Islam any thing against the philosophy of Islam on either print or electronic
media are treated as against Pakistan.
• Most of the people dislike anything extra-ordinary or something which
sabotage their culture or subculture.
• Companies who are targeting upper-end of market mostly published
and aired their advertisement in English language.
• In metropolitan cities women are doing work along with their other
responsibilities but other than metropolitan cities it is difficult for women to
convince their parents and spouses for work.

d) Technological Factors
• Companies have technology with which they can compete in the
Pakistan and now companies are investing in their infrastructure to not only
expand but also to upgrade their existing structure.

• Currently all companies except Zong & Instaphone are providing Multi-
media Messaging Services (MMS), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS),
Virtual Private Network (VPN), Pocket Stocks, Conference Calling,
Wallpapers Animated pictures Polyphonic ring tones (WAP), and Voice Mail
at low price and telenor is proving an addition feature that one can see TV
channels on their cell.

• Mobilink shifted its whole network from 900 MHz to 1800 MHz offer
Value-Added Services like General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Multi-
media Messaging Services (MMS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) etc.

Institute of Business & Technology 58

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

7.2 SWOT Analysis


Competitive Advantages
• Mobilink’s strength lies in the establishment of a strong, fundamental
and coherent long-term business plan, designed to sustain economic
challenges in the country.
• It has invested heavily in infrastructure, technology, human resources
and customer services which has given impetus for a broad-based future
planning strategy. It further is investing US $ 500 billion in Pakistan to develop
its infrastructure. Therefore it has the competitive advantage of making huge
investments in Pakistan which no-one else had made before regarding
• Pioneer cellular service in Pakistan to provide coverage on the M2
• Pioneer in GSM service in Pakistan.
• With 30 million customers Mobilink is truly called the “King of cellular
service providers”.
• Mobilink has the highest market share of 37 % not only in terms of
number of subscribers but also in terms of revenue.
• Large number of corporate customers use Mobilink post paid
connection Indigo and Mobilink’s Blackberry handsets.
• Mobilink and Muslim Commercial Bank have made a combined effort
in order to maximize the ease and the satisfaction of their respective
customers by offering them all banking services from their very own mobile

Institute of Business & Technology 59

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Resources, Assets and People

• Being a multinational company Mobilink has huge resources in terms
of capital. It has billions of capital to invest in various projects. Its offices are
luxuriously equipped with every facility.
• Mobilink while choosing people for jobs follow the strategy of “choosing
the best among all” therefore majority of its staff people are highly qualified
from renowned universities of Pakistan. A certain percent is foreign qualified
as well.

Innovative Aspects
• Mobilink brought innovation in Pakistan by offering “First GSM Network
Connections”. Previously instaphone was operating with old technology.
• Mobilink is the pioneer in Mobile Commerce services as well.
Previously no other company had made such an effort.
• The concept of post-paid and prepaid was also introduced by Mobilink.

Location and Geographical Coverage

• Mobilink is the first cellular service which covered the northern and
other remote areas of Pakistan such as Muzzafarabad, Chitral, Kaghan,
Naaran and Kaalaash.
• It is the achievement of Pakistan’s First GSM service Mobilink to
widespread its network across whole Pakistan. Now the theme line of
Mobilink is “Poora Signal Poora Pakistan”
• Wherever you go wherever you are, you’ll never have the message of
“No service” with Mobilink connection.

Government Dealings
• Mobilink pays a huge amount in taxes to the government of Pakistan.
So it’s a big source of revenue to the government as well.
• It conducts its business by abiding by the rules and regulations setup
by the government and cooperates with the government in every aspect.

Institute of Business & Technology 60

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Weaknesses of Mobilink
Less Investment
• Although Mobilink is covering whole Pakistan but its call rates are high
and network quality is poor. These are the two major issues which brought
Mobilink’s share down to 37% in 2008 from 60% in previous years.
• Fewer advertisements now days shows that Mobilink is taking out its
investment from marketing &its advertising is not active up to the mark.
However if we compare it with Telenor, Zong and Warid we’ll realize that they
are heavily marketing their products.
Quality of Network
Mobilink must have planned very good network quality but the results are
opposite as described below.
• Mobilink’s network mostly remains busy in thickly populated cities such
as Karachi, Lahore and Multan so people face a lot of difficulty while trying to
connect to their friends and families. However Warid’s network provides
crystal clear voice quality. So many of Mobilink’s customers (including me)
have shifted to Warid.
• Mobilink has been fined twice by Pakistan telecommunication Authority
over its bad service. It must try and emphasize on providing better services to
its customers instead on concentrating only on expansion

Opportunities of Mobilink
• Mobilink can develop a stronger market by focusing on segments such
as teenagers, adults, office workers, girls and ladies as well as old people by
offering innovative packages. These packages could be offered keeping in
view the time consideration as well as pocket of each segment. These
packages could be at low cost for teenagers and grand parents as their
pocket is small but could be little expensive for the rest.

Institute of Business & Technology 61

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

• Through proper advertisement also Mobilink can target as many

customers as it can in order to augment and give support to its falling market
• Mobilink can lower its call rates, SIM charges, Mobitune charges,
GPRS charges and other extra charges in order to capture a larger market to
make business difficult for rival companies. In this way it can segment a larger
market and may capture the customers of low income group as well.

Threats of Mobilink
A New Market Player, Zong
• A new market player i.e. Zong is getting immense popularity among
teenagers and youngster students because of its very low call rates and
attractive packages. It is expected from the mushroom growth of its
customers that it will soon capture a large market share hence if Mobilink
keeps its call rates high it is expected that a large percent of young Mobilink
users will switch over to Zong.

Better Packages by Other Cellulars

• Companies like Telenor offer better packages for corporate customers.
Telenor Postpaid connection “Persona” is a good example of it.
• Wireless local loop (WLL) service providers are also targeting areas
which are less developed.
Price Wars
• Current price war among cellular service providers may reach at a
position where only brand names survive.
Unreasonably Restrictive Trade Practice
• Mobilink is involved in an unreasonably restrictive trade practice,
prohibited under the provisions of MRTPO, 1970 by not allowing its
blackberry subscribers to other service providers. This can lead to legislative
proceedings against Mobilink.

Institute of Business & Technology 62

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Concluding, it is analyzed that Mobilink has a number of strengths which

could be utilized to avail the opportunities & overcome its weaknesses.
However, as threats to an organization are always external therefore they
cannot be eradicated however they could be handled efficiently to minimize
the unforeseen problems.

7.3 BCG Matrix


We can analyze Mobilink’s different products and services with the help of
BCG Matrix. Currently Mobilink has the following products/services:

• Mobilink Post-paid Indigo

• Mobilink pre-paid Jazz Connection
• Mobilink Blackberry Handset
• Miscellaneous Packages and Sub-packages

(BCG Growth Share Matrix, n.d.) Companies that are large enough to be
organized into strategic business units face the challenge of allocating
resources among those units. In the early 1970's the Boston Consulting
Group developed a model for managing a portfolio of different business units

Institute of Business & Technology 63

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

(or major product lines). The BCG growth-share matrix displays the various
business units on a graph of the market growth rate vs. market share relative
to competitors:

Cash Cow - a business unit that has a large market share in a mature, slow
growing industry. Cash cows require little investment and generate cash that
can be used to invest in other business units. The postpaid connection
Mobilink Indigo could be put here. Similarly Mobilink Blackberry handsets
which are used by the corporate customers generate heavy revenues.

Star - a business unit that has a large market share in a fast growing industry.
Stars may generate cash, but because the market is growing rapidly they
require investment to maintain their lead. If successful, a star will become a
cash cow when its industry matures. Mobilink Jazz could rightly be put here
because there is a rapid growth in Pakistan telecom industry and due to 5
rivals; Mobilink has to save its market share through further investments.

Question Mark (or Problem Child) - a business unit that has a small market
share in a high growth market. These business units require resources to
grow market share, but whether they will succeed and become stars is
unknown. The packages and sub packages of Mobilink such as Jazz one,
Jazz ladies first, Jazz budget etc, I put here because the packages offered by
the competitors are still less costly and Mobilink strongly needs to promote
them for their survival.

Dog - a business unit that has a small market share in a mature industry. A
dog may not require substantial cash, but it ties up capital that could better be
deployed elsewhere. Unless a dog has some other strategic purpose, it
should be liquidated if there is little prospect for it to gain market share.
Currently no product of Mobilink could be put here.

Institute of Business & Technology 64

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


8.1 Conclusion

After conducting the survey shows that most of the customer that are
associated with Mobilink mature customers as they continue to use service
longer period of time.

More the 80% of the customer find the service of Mobilink Satisfactory as the
level of satisfaction of the Mobilink customer is very high they use the new
packages introduce by company and they are also attracted by new
promotional scheme of Mobilink.

As Mobilink provides its coverage in the maximum cities of Pakistan therefore

it customer can easily roam any across the world. The available of its
recharge facility for its jazz customer is available across the country and also
international in UK and UAE.

Other then Mobilink Customer prefers to use Telenor and Ufone as its show
pervious the in the Market share option also the Telenor and Ufone are on the
1st and 2nd position respectively.

For customers the character the makes Mobilink largest cellular company is
the Total Customer Satisfaction.

To conclude Mobilink has a strong HR system. That is the reason we didn’t

found much discrepancies in what management says, what policies state and
what employees say. 90 % of the times they were same. There are some
minor discrepancies but they are adjustable with little effort.

Institute of Business & Technology 65

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

8.2 Recommendations

To establish core competence and to bring competitiveness, Mobilink should

implement numerous effective plans to improve the performance of its various
departments. Supervisors must manage employee performance well in order
for Mobilink to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals.

Following are some recommendations for Mobilink, which we

Personally feel can be useful for the organization, its employees and the

Effective Performance Management

Performance management is one of the most important parts of a

Supervisor’s or team leader’s job. Developing skills in performance
Management is wise investments that will help Mobilink achieve its Goals.

Managing employee performance includes:

• Planning work and setting expectations

• Monitoring and measuring performance
• Developing the capacity to perform
• Periodically rating performance in a summary fashion
• Recognizing and rewarding good performance

Practicing good performance management requires proficiency in certain

competencies. Competencies are observable, measurable Patterns of skills,
knowledge, abilities, behaviors and other Characteristics that an individual
needs to perform work roles or Occupational functions successfully.

Institute of Business & Technology 66

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink

Performance management Competencies that all supervisors (and team

leaders) at Mobilink Should develop and demonstrate include:


Establishing and maintaining effective communications with each Employee

not only requires good oral and written communications Skills, but it also
includes the ability to establish good working Relationships. To communicate
effectively with employees, Supervisors must establish an environment that
promotes an open Door atmosphere, the sharing of ideas, and employee
involvement in decision making processes.
Setting Goals

Setting long and short-term goals with employees gives focus to Employee
efforts. When goal setting is done correctly, employees strive to accomplish
those goals and feel confident in achieving them. When goal setting is done
work does not progress as desired. Knowing how to set goals effectively is an
important part of Performance management. To do this well, supervisors
need to be able to clarify expectations and to set realistic standards and


Credible measures of performance that employees understand and accept

are critical for achieving high level performance. Measuring employee
accomplishments, using both qualitative and quantitative measures, provides
the information that supervisors and employees need in order to monitor

Institute of Business & Technology 67

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


Feedback should inform, enlighten, and suggest improvements to employees

regarding their performance. Supervisors should describe specific work
related behavior or results they observe as close to the event as possible.
Coaching & Developing

Using their coaching skills, supervisors evaluate and address the

developmental needs of their employees and help them select diverse
experiences to gain necessary skills. Supervisors and employees create
development plans that might include training, new assignment, job
enrichment, self study or work details.

Institute of Business & Technology 68

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mobilink


 Mr. Ajmal Khan; Associate CC Operation, Mobilink.

 Miss Nabila; Associated CC Operation, Mobilink.

 Mr. Farhan Alvi; Specialist CC Operation, Mobilink.

 Mrs. Kamran Abbasi; Manager Marketing, Mobilink.

 Mobilink GSM. Jazz & Indigo: Available at:

 Mobilink World: Mobilink Value Added Services: Available at:

 All our respondents

Institute of Business & Technology 69